Thursday, October 4, 2012

My blocks are done! United Way here we come!

I spent last night sewing strips together and tonight after work made up the blocks. They measure approx 16 1/2 " each. Six blocks will make a nice size quilt. One of my co-workers, also a quilter, will be trimming up the squares and putting the strips on and assembling the quilt top. The left-over fabric strips will be cut into the piano border. It was frustrating as I discovered the strips of fabric (that came in a package) were different weights. Normally I would deliver the blocks perfectly squared, but think I have to let her have the option of cutting them down even more if she needs to. *sigh* This is the second go at the same pattern and I found the finished squares do not measure what the pattern says it should. I was a very good girl and made sure my 1/4" was dead on by sewing up a sample piece and measuring! (ha! I even surprised myself as I normally just wing it!) I'm not dissapointed. The outcome is beautiful don't you think?
The colours are quite different than my Arizona quilt, but just as effective. I'm curious as to what the color choice will be for the strips and how it's put together. My co-worker is working on it this weekend and we hope to have it to the longarmer by next weekend. It will be ready for binding well before the auction for the United Way fundraising we have planned! (Just in case you wanted to see a closer view, here is a closeup!)
I was looking for some patterns for another baby quilt. I searched through the magazines that I have and the books.... sigh...still nothing that I really loved. So, I headed over to the library and for $10 I renewed my library card and picked up some books. While I was signing them out, I spied a table with books for sale! Of course, books and fabric are two of my favorite things! Wonders never cease! I found some quilting books they were selling for $1 each! WHAT?????????
So as I was taking out my wallet, the librarian tells me there is a mistake. WHAT? I'm thinking, ok, a little more won't be so bad -- it's a deal already! She says, "They are 2 for $1.00, so 50 cents each!" YIPEE!!!!!!!!!!!! So today, one of the books that I "borrowed" I fell in love with and had to take a trip to Chapters after work to pick up a copy!
I'm looking at my scraps now and know there was a reason I was keeping them! I can see some scrap quilts in my future!
and of course.... I couldn't resist another photo of the Little Man! Happy quilting everyone! I'll be at my sewing machine this weekend!

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