Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Calgary today!

Instead of the leaves falling, the trees are falling!
About 10 cm of snow fell overnight. The trees are not ready for the weight with all the leaves still on. Now we have a cute little crab apple to the right of the little garden. The trees directly in front of the umbrella and the BBQ are from our neighbors yard!

This is a peek into our neighbors yard when it just started!

This is right behind our house!

The tree is now leaning on the eaves trough of my sewing room. We are waiting for this to come crashing down and through the patio window below! Until we can get help, we are on "stand-by" mode. There were over 2,000 emergency calls in the first hour of snowfall as tree's were falling down onto power lines! Thank heavens all our power lines are buried. It's not so much of an urgency around our area! There are a lot of areas worse off! The Little Man and his Momma are on their way over to sleep here as the power at their place has been off all day!

So while we wait for the rest of the trees to fall....I've been servicing the little Babylock BL9! It's sewing beautiful now! It's packed away and the sewing machines are tucked in for the night after being unplugged! Too many power surges here!

 The BL9 is  a  little entry level machine! I do not regret for a minute buying this little machine. It does not have all the bells and whistles like automatic needle threader, or kneelift that the Symphony has. It has enough stitches to keep you stitching for years though! Enough basic stitch selection that will have you piecing and appliqueing, as well as free motion quilting (It has an extra place to cover the feed dogs)! Ignore the zig zag at the front -- that was before I got it all cleaned and threaded properly. Note to self....make sure you spend time with your instruction manual! Something as simple as threading your machine incorrectly can cause a whole lot of problems!
So now I am confident that my youngest can use this machine again! It should be great for the retreat!

oh....and by the way....

105 more days until Christmas!

Happy Quilting all!


Monday, September 8, 2014

Snow Already?

Welcome to Calgary! It started snowing around Noon today! We had 26 degrees Celsius yesterday! That means 78.8 Fahrenheit to you others! From shorts yesterday to long pants and warm coat today!

What a wonderful suprise when I got the email on Saturday night that my Babylock was ready! I picked it up today from the store! I haven't taken it for a test ride as of yet! Even BETTER news...I didn't have to deal with Cranky One! I have checked to see if there are other stores that carry Babylock and my choice in Calgary is the North store. I think the drive will be worth it. It just irritates me so when I see Cranky One in action -- thus, why expose myself to that? 

Now when I got home, I got another surprise! My pattern arrived in the mail! I want to try this out! Metro Hoops looks like such a fun pattern!

With the new pattern, you need the new ruler too! How fun is this?

I love being challenged! I love curves, so I'm thinking this should be a quick one to get together. Realize that the strips are just pieced in rows and you cut the pieces out with the Quick Curve Ruler. Check out Sew Kind of Wonderful. I have been reading her blog for a while and was thrilled when she posted the Metro Hoops Pattern. I thought it would be really difficult, but from all the blogs I've read and the You Tube videos that I found, it looks pretty easy yet the finished product looks like it was really, really difficult! You know me! I love EASY!

What are all your working on? I promise to post the quilt when I get it going!

Happy Quilting Everyone!

Friday, September 5, 2014

Customer Service - Babylock Symphony

The machine is ready to pick up! Will be picking her up tomorrow! Cross your fingers that Cranky One is not there!

This is a if you don't want to read it, I'd say browse some of my other posts.
 ***warning... contents may be caustic to some readers******

My lovie bought me a beautiful Babylock Symphony at Sewing Sensation in Calgary (south store). It was a LOT of money -- to me that means over $2,500.00 (on sale) -- which in my world was a HUGE present. I was gobsmacked and blown away at the generosity of Chef. I love, love, love my machine. Considering that I went in the store and was not allowed to "touch" it, or try to sew anything on it, but I got to watch the sales clerk (aka Cranky One) show us all the great features. I should have walked out then, but I didn't. I listened politely, asked questions, looked at Chef and he said, "Do you have one ready to go?" Off we went with it. BEAUTIFUL! It's a great thing that I can read. My lessons consisted of "Come in anytime, but you have to book first." The "lesson" came with buying the machine.

"OK, sign me up!" -- Cranky One went to the calendar and said "There is an opening with me three months from now." Now, here I am, a new customer and I'm thinking to myself that I'm excited! I want to rip into the package and get sewing and try out everything! THREE MONTHS???? You have got to be f-ing kidding me?  Could I figure it out on my own? Would Cranky One be upset even MORE if I asked for another person? Politely I said, "OK, that would be lovely".

Flash forward to three months and I go in for my "special lesson" that came along with the purchase of this machine. Again I sat there as Cranky One made me sit next to her while SHE sewed and showed me the stitches. What a bloody waste of my time!

Any time I went back to that store (only if I absolutely had to), I would sit in the parking lot and get my gumption up to walk in the door. Cranky One would sniff you out like a rat in heat and pounce! Now don't get me wrong, there are "other" people in there, but MY luck, I always ended up with Cranky One! I even drove to the NORTH store (now realize I live on one end of the city and the North store is a "pack your lunch" ride!) When I went to the North store, the customer service was OUT OF THIS WORLD! There was ONE person in there that handled 3 people at one time with courtesy AND a smile on her face. She even offered to let me sit in front of a machine and SEW ON MY OWN! Lordy! (Trust me I said thanks to God right then and there!) ok..ok...I digress....

A couple of weeks ago, I called in because it's been 2 years since my "Baby" has been there. She works beautifully! I got another lady on the phone at the south store (NOT CRANKY ONE), who said it would take a couple of weeks if I brought it in. She said though that she could put me on the list and that when my machine came up, I could take it in right then and they would service it that day or the next. She told me to be sure to bring in my foot peddle and the power cord. I could do that. Well they phoned yesterday and asked us to bring it in today. YEAH! Baby is going to the spa! I've been good with her and treated her well. Cleaned her and used good thread and of course the right bobbins, etc. She is FINE. She just needs a spa day to clean out where I can't!

Today I walk in after a day of appointments to drop off Baby. Waiting patiently at the desk for someone to free up. Out of the corner of my eye, I see, in stealth mode.... CRANKY ONE headed to the desk. I look down at my feet hoping and praying she will wait on someone else, but you know, she's sniffed me out already and barks at me, "YOU NEXT?" God, I look around and there is no one behind me that I can push forward...and I meekly say, "We had a phone call saying I could bring my machine in," pointing to Chef standing next to me holding my machine.

"Well put it up here!" she says to Chef, who comply's and walks towards the kids area where our grandson spy's a train set.

"What's WRONG with it?" she says, staring at me with a sneer on her face.

"Nothing's wrong with it. I just brought it in for a spa day!" I said smiling! (hoping to God that maybe she'll lighten up a bit!)


"I'm positive! She sews like a dream!" I say

Cranky One looks disdainfully at my Baby (realize it's still a pretty new machine that SHE sold me), an starts writing out all the stickers to place over the machine, foot, cord)

"Oh, I labelled everything," as I show her where the labels are.

"Well those arn't GOOD ENOUGH," she says.


"These labels have to have the invoice number!" (with you guessed it, the sneer!)

"Oh, Ok." I say (with a f--ing SMILE) God help me be graceful and less potty mouth!

"You DIDN'T bring the right presser foot!" (said like I am a total moron)

"Well, I WOULD HAVE brought the RIGHT presser FOOT, if I was TOLD to bring the RIGHT PRESSER FOOT!"

Cranky one glares at me.

"I am more than happy to buy the right presser foot so that you have it!" pulling out my wallet.

Huffing, she heads off to see if they have a presser foot (remember this is the store I BOUGHT the machine at and they have parts).

She comes back to the counter and says, "We don't have one!"

Cranky One glares at me, "They would have told you to bring it when you booked it in."

I look at her, "Well they didn't, and nor did they tell me yesterday when they phoned to tell us to bring it in."  (Cranky One glaring at me like I just fell off the turnip truck).... "Alright, would you like me to go home and bring it tomorrow?" I ask.

"NO," Cranky One says...... That's it...she says "NO" and nothing else...she goes to the next counter and grabs a paper and writes with a bloody big felt pen, "NO PRESSER FOOT"
 like the sign would be seen by certainly a visually impaired person!

Next.....don't hold your breath here....she then rings it into the register so I get a receipt for it.

I thank her...yes, I THANKED that woman and asked, "So when can I come back and pick it up?"

Cranky One, "Maybe sometime next week."

Now realize, we booked it in, waited 3 weeks to get it in so it could be worked on and I get "Sometime next week." Yes, I had to open my mouth and ask, "Early in the week, at the end of the week, or the following week?"

Cranky One stares at me like I'm an idiot.

"Sorry," I say, "But I have never done this and would like to have an idea."

"We'll call you," Cranky One says.


With a smile on my face I wish her a great weekend and thank her AGAIN. She yells after me, "You have a good weekend too!" (and under her breath I am sure she was saying "and I hope you die")

I'm writing this post and thinking that poor Baby has been left with the evil witch. It's like those bad restaurants and you send food back, thinking to yourself that they will spit in your food or worse and bring it back! Maybe Baby is GREAT now, but Cranky One will drop her so she really has some "problems". I am just sick, sick over all of it!

So, to the wise Calgary people out there.... find another shop, or if you are truly adventurous, I dare you to go in and see if you can spot Cranky One!

While I mourn here over the brief absence of Baby,

Happy Quilting Everyone!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


Every stitch was worth it! Now I am sure this little man will be dragging it everywhere! This is the greatest!

Happy Quilting everyone!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

10 Quilty Little Secrets

I think it all started out with 13 Spools , then it went to Mollie Sparkles ,  then  to Quilting Jet Girl and  Wombat Quilts and on and on! Somewhere along the line I wrote down my 10 Quilty Little Secrets -- but I have no idea where. Thank you to the author who started the 10 Quilty little Secrets (I think it was 13 Spools! please correct me if I am wrong)

I re-worked my list and here it is!

1. I NEVER wash my fabric, even if it's red! I wash it at the end with a color catcher and rinse wth vinegar. DONE!

2. I rarely use pins unless it's intricate. I like EASY....and yes I "accidentally" sew over pins.

3. Am I the only one that doesn't gravitate to those "new" lines and fabrics? If I like it, I buy it!

4. I am really bored with blogs that are full of advertisements. I want to SEE what everyone is making!

5. I really find it hard not to iron when they say PRESS.

6. I can bet if you can't tell by looking at a quilt, what machine that person used. You can't tell whether it was sewn on a Singer, Bernina, Babylock, Brother, Juki, or whatever.  If you take care of your machine and you know how to use it ( CAN adjust the tension, etc.) your work will show as great as if it was done on a mega-dollar machine!

7. I have never had a Bernina user not look down their nose at people who do not "own" a Bernina. I seriously hope that changes one day!

8. I think fabric shops should have a separate area for husbands or those who are not into "quilting". A nice place where they can enjoy a cup of coffee and browse through some "non-quilty" magazines and maybe have a home-made cookie! Can you imagine the sales??????

9. I love hand sewing my binding and feel it's the best finish for a quilt that you worked hard on.

10. I am not an expert and I don't personally know any "Quilt Police". Maybe they don't bother with me. I have seen them in action though, especially at shows where they comment on quilts that are not up to par. It makes me sad. Maybe the quilt they are tearing apart is the very FIRST quilt for the quilter. Maybe that quilter is learning a new technique. Remember, that to the recipint of the quilt, the only thing that matters is that quilt will wrap them like a hug those "not so perfect stitches" won't even be noticed. The whole quilt will remind them of how much love was put into each stitch. ("Quilty Police" maybe that person is standing behind you when you comment. Your words can destroy an up and coming quilter.)  Yes, I have seen some of those quilts and I thank God that they put it in the show! Bravo! I have heard those Quilty Police tear apart my quilt, but I just chalked it up to their own ignorance. Every quilt you put in will get better and better! I am sure you put as much love, sweat and tears into your quilting just as much as an expert quilter!

So? are you up to the challenge? Let me know what your little secrets are!

Giveaway! - Organizing - Fly Lady

Studio E Fabrics is having a Cotton Candy Giveaway ! Check out the beautiful fabric they are giving away!

I've never heard of them -- but seriously, there are so many sites out there, how can you possibly see them all? Check out this:
How adorable is this? I can imagine making some cute things out of this fabric! So pretty! It's great that we have a little girl in the family now! Now I have to hook her mommy into sewing! Don't worry! I'll teach her! 

Take a look at the yummy fabrics coming in December! 

  I love all these flowery fabrics. Chef probably would kill me if I made a quilt for the bed that was all "girly" lol -- maybe for the spare quilts when company comes?

 I think this one would make a great back!

So while I rehab with my hand -- I'll be browsing the sites -- maybe, just maybe I can show you some of my stuff soon!

Oh! Before I forget! I signed up for a Mystery Quilt day locally! I am so very excited! The day can't come soon enough! (it's in stay tuned!)

My BIG project is organizing my sewing room as I was gifted a whole batch of thread! I am truly blessed when my friends think of me and my sewing! It's in a big box, so I would like to organize it. That of course resulted in a trip to IKEA for a new drawer unit. Chef said it came with 800 pieces (truly he has exaggerated!) The unit was put together and he hauled it up to the sewing room today. I love it because it has casters on the bottom so I can move it around if I change the purpose.

I've been hooked on Fly Lady for the past 6 months. She's been helping me get organized somewhat. As a result I am getting rid of duplicates in my sewing room and getting rid of stuff I really don't need. I have a three (3) two-drawer file cabinets filled with stuff that I really don't need. The shredder will be put to good use and I hope that someone can use the sewing things (that is if my kids don't want it!)

I am minimizing and getting stuff OUT that I don't need. This includes things that I don't love, won't use again or have a bad memory to it. I don't want to have my kids have to deal with all the "stuff" if I am not able to. It's hard for someone else to take on the responsibility of making decisions for "your" stuff. It always feels better when you can find things in their place and that things HAVE a place to live!

Happy Quilting Everyone! I'll keep you posted on progress!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another Finish!

Another finish! Yeah! This one took a long time. Partly because I was afraid of the machine applique (still am....ask me what I think once I take the quilt out of the wash!), and partly because of my arthritis in my thumb -- which the latter, of the two, kept me away longer than I wanted!

It's not a big quilt. The little man is now 4 months old, but it's still a great size to cover him in the winter months and for him to drag around as a toddler. Mom told me the room was blue's and brown's and that they were focusing on an "airplane" theme. I found lots of patterns, but they were so much more grown up (outlines of large jetliners).

The pattern is called "Fly With Me" designed by Kristen Grassaway. I found it as a .PDF pattern at Connecting Threads. She has a lot of cute patterns. I found the cutting instructions a bit confusing and had to paste little fabrics to the pattern cutting directions. I'm one to "make it up as you go along", so patterns are not my forte. I usually look at it and work it out myself. Remember, I'm the girl that HATES math -- so that's probably more than half of the problem!

I have always thought you "HAD" to have one piece for the back! Well I still wanted to incorporate some of the blue in the background from the front. I ended up having a whole new quilt on the back with the whales and a couple of stripes of white through the back. Of course I had to use my "black and white text" binding. I think it gives the whole quilt a bit of a lift without taking away from the whole quilt. Have you ever seen quilts where everything is nice and then the binding just screams "I DON'T BELONG ON HERE!!!!"

My applique is a work in progress. I used minimal lite fusible web ...meaning the body of the plane on the insides does not have fusible. I only have about a quarter inch of fusible around each pattern piece to hold it down. The wings as well have only the fusible web along the outside edges as well, as I cut the middle out. The windows and front windshield have webbing for the whole piece. Another thing that I did was put fray stop on the ends of each part that my thread was cut. I don't want it to fall apart until it's "worn" apart, if you know what I mean! I used matching thread for each piece of the applique and a small zig zag. It's not perfect, but from farther away it looks just fine! I think this helped me overcome my fear of machine sewn applique! Those little windows are smaller than a dime. Best advice: GO SLOW, take your time around corners and watch where your needle goes up and down. I'm happy with the outcome and wouldn't hesitate tackling this again -- except maybe tackle it sooner rather than later!

TIP: as the applique pieces are on one piece of fabric -- I zig-zagged the edges before putting together the rest of the quilt. The blocks were much easier to maneuver  around all those curves!

Thanks to my long arm quilter, Karen! The simple quilting is just great and "enough". Sometimes people over-kill on the quilting and lose the simplicity. It's just "right" or this little one! I wanted this quilt nice and soft so he could cuddle it around him!

Now, on to the arthritis. I have been typing all my life (from when I was 12). I remember the typewriters where you had to pound on the keys and throw the carriage to the right (you know what I mean if you ever typed on a manual!). Put that with always using my hands for crafting! You name it, paining, ceramics, croheting, knitting, Bunka, etc., etc.Flash forward to now, the joints are now wearing thin. I have had my second injection of cortisone into the joint and it hasn't helped much this time.

Using your hands all the time and in particular "pinching" fabric between your pointer finger and thumb hurts! (bubye for now those hand-pieced hexagons).  Putting my hand onto my rulers to hold down and cut fabric is another challenge.

Wearing one of these is a pain in the butt, but it does help with the pain somewhat. It's pretty hard to hold stuff that needs "delicate" touch. Meantime, I do what I can to get these projects done! If any of you have experience with this, I would sure love to hear about your journey through this. I suspect as I age, I will be having more issues! I just want to be able to continue to quilt! (Not to mention I have some years before I can retire! -- the last 7 years or so, I have been typing way more! Heaven forbid with the newer generations and all their "texting!" Can't imagine what's going to happen to them!

I'm going to try and take a hiatus and send my Babylock Symphony in for a spa day or two, so I'll just be content with folding my fat quarters and organizing the rest of my sewing room! I've got more planned to sew, but I think it will be a bit before I show you all any finished projects!

Meantime, think of me when you are sewing and as always.....

Friday, August 22, 2014

All Free Sewing's giveaway!

How beautiful would this look in your sewing room? Check out their link and enter to win! I'm going to try, but I think that YOU might have a great chance at winning! "Allfreesewing" has been my go to site for ideas and heads up on new products! Check them out!

Happy Quilting Everyone!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

F.A.R.T. completed! (Fabric Acquisition Road Trip)

We are back from HOT HOT HOT Montana! It was like being in the desert! All that lovely dry heat! In Calgary we have been battling the hail storms. So much of the city in the north have houses pebbled with hail dents and much of the siding on the houses are littered with squares of duct tape covering the holes until the repairs can be done. The news is indicating the losses are in the billions! 

On to good news though......I've been reading much about Sharon Shamber using glue to baste and piece, etc. I have always used the solid glue for my hexagons and loved how it works. Not only does it work -- it's CHEAP! I've used the quilting glue sticks, but I go through them quickly and they cost a lot! Elmer's glue is WASHABLE! I've also picked up the liquid to see how that works on placing applique's. I have read (not tried yet) that once you piece your applique on your main fabric and dot it with the liquid glue -- press it with your iron -- it's STUCK until you wash it I'm going to research some more of Sharon Shamber's video's and see if I can find some more info! I also bought some more pens for my labels and maybe I'll try to make a new lanyard for work!

I've been browsing some tree skirts! I made one for my daughter that is on the UFO pile (to be finished for THIS Christmas). We've had a little felt tree skirt for the past 30 years that is U G L YYYYYYYYYY!!! So the wedge ruler will help me throw one together fast! I know you can do things FAST if you want without all these fancy rulers -- but hey! I was on a F.A.R.T.! I was thrilled to add to my ruler collection!

While researching Sharon Shamber, I found another of her video's showing her Quilt Halo . I have been having issues with my arthritis in my thumb (now onto the second injection of cortisone). It sure looks easy enough, and it looks like I can manage it with my hands. Though it will be a while before I try it out, thought I would mention it here so you all can check it out!

Of course the F.A.R.T. would never be complete without fabric! The 2.5" strips are perfect for the hexagon quilt I am working on! It's always nice to start working with new fabrics! I'll be using a lot of Elmer's glue sticks in the process! Check out my tutorial on how to prep hexagon flowers here . I couldn't resist the cute little bug material for backing a baby quilt!

Now the photo below isn't quite the way I wanted, but it gives you an idea of the stash I bought. Before we left, I took a critical look at what I was short on. I don't have a huge stash, but I have been working on building it up. I was short of purple -- so that is much of what I focused on.

The shops we visited this round were:

Great Falls, Montana:
Big Sky Quilts
- love it for their selection. They have expanded their store front to include a number of long arm machines and added to their fabric selections.
- did not like it for them suggesting to Chef that he leaves to get a coffee. I sure wish quilt shops would welcome men more! The reason why they hate coming in is because of the way they are treated.
**suggestion --- have a reading area for the men with a couple of comfy chairs and some "guy" magazines (ok, not Playboy....but you know, Time magazine, etc.) and offer them a beverage and perhaps a cookie! ********************************ok...getting off my soapbox

Carter, Montana
The Quilting Hen
- This shop is off the beaten path, but well marked on the highway. To get there you travel a gravel road for about a mile -- really not that far. The owner is VERY welcoming and also welcomed the Chef with open arms. We were able to browse on our own and I did pick up a few things from there. There seems to be a great area for classes and it's spotless! So nice to go into a shop that is so well organized. Although I would have loved to take home some decorative chickens, I don't believe they are for sale, but they sure are cute tucked in and around selections of fabrics and notions.

Havre, Montana
Bearly Square Quilting
- We've never been to Havre, so we thought we would check it out. It's a pretty quiet little town driving in. BUT it has a QUILT SHOP! So all is good with that! The welcome I got when I walked into the store was like I have been a long-time customer and friend. Gotta like that about a store that you walk into the first time! This shop does not have the selection available in Great Falls or Carter, but there was still plenty to browse! I found my ruler there! They are relocating in September to another shop a couple of blocks down from where they are. I would definitely visit again! Maybe the new shop will allow for them to have a larger selection of fabrics?

Ben Franklin Crafts
- SERIOUSLY? That's all I can say. Wow! What a huge amount of inventory! I have never been into one of these stores, but I have read all about them. I didn't buy anything here, but it's HUGE. So much to look at, I would have needed hours to go through everything.

Those were the only shops that I really wanted to mention. We did do some "school" clothes shopping for the little man and bought our favorite oatmeal that we can only buy in the U.S. It was a lovely little trip! I came home and petted the fabrics (lol) and of course got them folded and added to the stash pile.

I even managed to finish the plane quilt. You've seen it, but I'll post another few photo's when I have a chance!

Meantime ... to end off my vacation, Chef and I are going to see The Hundred Foot Journey. Sounds like a nice afternoon to me!

Happy Quilting All!

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Family? or Quilting?

Isn't she beautiful? I think I'd rather be holding her than fabric.... in time my friends, I will be back again with my little addition to blog land! Meantime I am reading you all when I can and holding this wee one! My grandson declared, "I AM the best-est big cousin ever!" I think he was a bit scared of how little she really was. He held her so tenderly! His serious face shows how especially important his task was! He was so serious he barely moved his eyes, never mind give us a smile! 

Happy quilting everyone! I'll show you next time what I found on my travels!


Saturday, August 2, 2014

Quilting? or something else?

I am starting two weeks of vacation...with hopes of travelling, but we have the fires in B.C. Then we thought about headed to Montana, but we have a son living with us who "forgets" to lock the doors or leaves the keys "in" the door. Then we have the little man above! How can you resist the glee on a child's face when he discovers his uncles superhero's tucked away?

So, the Chef and I will be doing the Porcha-back-yarda for this year and enjoying what we have right here at home. Maybe a day or two fishing nearby?  Perhaps we can sneak a trip for fabric?

Hope you all have a wonderful summer if I don't happen to post again for a bit!

Stay tuned.... before you know it, Fall will be here and the machines will be humming once again!

Happy Quilting!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Forest Fires and Babies?

This is what is happening near Banff -- which is an hour and a half from Calgary, my home town. The smoke is billowing into the city and our vacation plans are bust! I am quite happy to have day trips and Porcha-Back-Yarda if the smoke dissipates, but am so incredibly sad for Banff and area. Banff is the tourist mecca of Alberta. It is absolutely incredibly beautiful!

Send prayers out to all those fighting the fires.

Good news today though! I am officially a GREAT AUNTIE! Remember the quilt I was stitching into the early part of a baby shower a couple of weeks ago? Well she has arrived safe and sound as of 1 pm or so this afternoon! I can barely wait to hold her!

 Ayanna and her Mommy are all tuckered out! She arrived weighing 7 lbs 11 ounces and 21 inches long. She's half Hungarian and half Jamaican! I guess I better start making cute little pink things! It's been a long two days -- but both are healthy! Congrats to my Niece and her husband! You've waited a long time for her and we couldn't be happier for you all!

This Great Auntie is tuckered out as well! It's been a day full of a lot of emotions... ups and downs... so off I go to my happier place... checking up on all of your blogs to see what great things you are all creating!

Happy Quilting everyone!

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hexie Wednesday!

Can you believe it? I actually am posting on a Wednesday! Sadly, I am going to let my hexies go for the summer as we finally have some wonderful weather! I thank all of you for following along and encouraging me! I WILL pick it up again in September! I promise!

So for this week, I sewed up the last hexie and I no longer have any hexies (to match that is) to sew together.

You know what that means? I AM GOING SHOPPING! hee hee! I love all different fabrics! I keep looking for things that catch my eyes!

I'll keep looking all you hexie lovers up and follow your progress! Keep on stitching! Maybe one day we will be able to show off our beautiful hand pieced hexie-quilts!

Happy Quilting!

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Maureen Cracknell Handmade Giveaway!

Intrepid Thread is sponsoring the below on Maureen Cracknell's Blog. I'm shopped at Intrepid Thread and have found some great fabrics! It's a lovely place to visit when you only have your computer and a credit card! ha ha Check them out!

Maureen Cracknell's giveaway. Check out her link and enter to win!!

 She has loads of great idea and she has fabulous giveaways!

This is just one of the more recent giveaways!

I'm blog surfing today! All my efforts were to be in the studio sewing...butt I have a horrid kink in my neck. Laying down is the most comfortable. Muscle relaxant and sewing machine is NOT a good combo!

Hope you all have some wonderful surfing days as well! I'll be sending you all positive thoughts if you are around the sewing machine and wish  you the bestest sewing day ever!

Cheers everyone! and Good luck!


Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hexagon Flower BOMB

Well it's Thursday and I totally missed this week with my hexagons! I was on a roll there! Anyone else in the hum drums with me?

I do have to admit that I have been doing things! Baby quilts are all in progress, but I do know that I have to take some time to work on hexagons!

Who's with me????

So tell do you keep motivate on those long-term projects? How do you approach these projects? Any tips?


On with my other projects! Hopefully I will have some hexagons to show next week!

Happy Quilting everyone!

Margo of the giveaway -- I have emailed you again. Looks like my other email account is not working for some reason! Congrats and I hope to hear from you soon!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Baby Baby Baby!

I feel like the little Quilting Fairy! I was preparing for the baby shower my niece was having today! She's the sister of my other niece who is having her baby girl any day now! I sewed until 1:00 a.m. this morning and then back at it this morning to finish off the binding. I had no idea what to do, but thought that some charm squares (baby type) would be great! Then I thought, Oh a Square in a Square, until I figured I should have thought about different color strips surrounding each square. I had sewn on two white strips along two sides when I realized I should have the same color all the way around! Now you all know how much I hate "un-sewing", so I improvised and added pink strips to the other sides and randomly turned the completed blocks. It's a nice size quilt for the crib, and will be great to have out on the lawn in those lazy summers days when the house is too hot! .  (It is about 44" x 44").

I didn't have a chance to wash it and fluff it up after quilting and binding it. It isn't as "rumpled" as fresh washed quilts -- but I had to wrap it and head to the Baby Shower!

The back I pieced and I love the touch of pink that showed on the bottom which I used as a label as I was running out of time!

Every odd charm square, I placed a little free-motion flower -- hopefully they will puff up nice once it's washed. Slowly, but surely my free-motion will improve the more I do. Practice makes perfect they say! I need a LOT of practice! Thank heavens babies are not related to the Quilt Police! 

Next project is finishing off the baby boy airplane quilt. Hopefully I can get that done by the end of next weekend.

Following project is a quick I-Spy quilt for Chef's great niece that was born in May.

I'm a "little" behind, but with these blankets, they get dragged around for better late than never! I think after this bout, I will have to make a few for stand by gifts -- now that I'm getting into the groove of quilting!

Happy Quilting everyone! 

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hexagon Wednesday! and other stuff!

It is that time again! I managed to get a couple done this week AND I did some other quilting that is a secret right now. I am hoping that my hexagon buddies can help keep me motivated while I get enough flowers for a queen-sized quilt! Maybe you want to try hexagons but were afraid to try! It's easy-peasy! Remember, I'm the quilter that does not abide by the Quilt Police Rules and will short-cut if I can. If you like to do hand-work -- try out a couple. Even if it's not for a full quilt, you can always applique a few to the back to embelish a label, or front of the quilt to give it a little extra! Take a look at my hexagon tutorial on my blog. Just check out the hexagon labels and you'll find it! Forgive me, I'm not great at all the in's and out's of blogging and posting links, so I'll have to bore you with anything labelled "hexagons" as you try and hunt it down!! I'm more than happy to answer any questions about my method. I know a lot of people out there do different things. Hopefully it will all work out in the end. I know that The Youngest won't be tossing it in to the wash and dryer all the time and will take good care of it. 

I now have a total of 144 completed flowers! I am estimating that I need at least 550 flowers -- so The Youngest is going to have to wait for a looooooooong time before she gets it! Here's a picture of how big they are when they are done (and the photo is upside down....but mind you, we all know how to read the ruler upside down!)

Birthday Girl on Canada Day was my Mum! She turned 81 yesterday! This is a peek at her flowers in her back yard. Her yard is so sheltered and is nice and private! So great to sit out there with a nice refreshing Tim Horgon's Cappuccino  and have a great chat! It's exactly what we did after we took her to dinner for her birthday celebration! of my favorites! I am hoping that I can snitch some in the Fall and plant them in my own garden!

I've been reading all the lovely comments for my giveaway! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will be drawing on Friday and notifying the winners! You don't have to do hexie's to enter..I'm just celebrating my 100th post and wanted to pass on something to my readers! You all are the one's that encourage me when my "quilt" days are bad or when my motivation is waning!

I'm been extra busy this week as well with a gift for a baby shower this weekend! As Friday here in Calgary is starting off with the Calgary Stampede Parade, I've taken the day off. Half of which we had off due to the parade heading down our street where I work! I'll be working hard getting the rest of my quilt project completed and hopefully upload it so you can all see!

Head back to my 100th post and enter for my giveaway, if you haven't already!

Happy quilting everyone! See you for sure on FRIDAY!

Yee Haw! Stampede season is here!


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

#100 ONE HUNDRED and a giveaway!


Lee said... "I signed up to follow your blog" -- June 26, 2014 at 5:15 pm


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Hello all! Now to most of you that know me, I'm not a terrific blogger, but I have learned along the way! I am so stinking excited to reach my 100th post that I wanted to celebrate! I have a little giveaway for anyone who is interested! I do shop everywhere, but wanted to give my reader's a chance to see what our local shop "My Sewing Room" has put together for fabrics! I have two little bundles along with my favorite Clover applique needles as well as a pair of needle threaders with a cute little cutter attached!

You have two chances to win.....Just leave a comment for me for one entry, and for a second chance, add yourself as a friend -- 'cause I can always have more friends (and comment that you did!) If you don't have a blog that I can link to, leave your name and email so I can let the winner know on Friday, July 4th!

Of course this giveaway is open to any location. As long as you get mail, I will send it by Canada Post!

Now for my hexagon buddies.... be still! I AM POSTING ON WEDNESDAY! HAHA! I know, I know! It's a miracle!

Happy Quilting everyone!


********************Giveaway will close July 4, 2014 at Midnight MST******************
Winners will be announced Saturday, July 5, 2014. Good Luck everyone and thanks for your support!

Monday, June 23, 2014

#99 Design Wall Monday and talented family

I have read enough blogs to realize that mine is a bit pedestrian. Alas my reason for blogging is to leave a legacy to my kids and hopefully spur their creative juices! I thought I would show you what's on the design wall this week and introduce you a bit to my family.

Here is what I am working on this week and hope to finish by the weekend!
I have yet to add two more borders and then get to quilting!

So, on to the family...

My Oldest is a wonderful scrapbooker -- when she can! She's dabbled as well with pottery and I have been blessed with some of her creations! One of them sits in my sewing room to hold all my scissors and marking pens, etc. She is a single mom, full time student and employee extraordinaire! I am very proud of her! Her "ex" decided he didn't want to be a parent and gave her the choice of either him or:

I am so proud of her. She is a great mommy and recently graduated from her second program while juggling parenthood, studies and a job! I know the Little Man has encouraged her to excellence! I'm not only blessed by a wonderful daughter, but a terrific grandson as well! He by the way is the family cat tamer and tent blanket developer.

My Middle aka Motorcycle Man is talented with marketing, advertising as well as a cross-country racing (motorcycles)! I have suffered more than one mini-mock heart attack with him, but I am so impressed that he does what he does. He's a talented photographer, videographer as well as designing posters, websites, etc. (and no he didn't design mine...) He has been published too many times to count and does it all because he loves the motorcycles sports.

One of Motorcycle Man's websites he works on is . Check it out. He's also in the upcoming "On Any Sunday" documentary with his ice racing that will come to a theatre near you in the Fall of 2014.  

The Youngest of course is a quilter herself. Much different than me though. She gets a project in her head and will sew into the wee hours until it's DONE! Usually she will start a project on a Friday here at my place and sew until Sunday night! You've seen some of her works on my blog! In high school she was a talented seamstress, though has not done that for a while. She's more into her quilting and is also a decorating diva! She can make any house into a show home!

Chef, is just that. A wonderful Chef who is a talented butcher, cheese maker, winemaker, etc. He's a retired culinary arts instructor as well as his career with being an executive chef. He feeds me, tries new recipes on me and is my best friend (best friend being the first in the list!). He is my adventurous  travel and fishing partner!

Chef also has two sons who are both great outdoors men. Give them a mountain, ice cave, summit, sheer rock, you name it - they will take it on! That in itself is another talent! The photo's they bring us from their adventures amaze us! Both boys are following in their dad's footsteps with culinary arts in their spare time!

So... in a nutshell, I am blessed and wish them, and you all a wonderful creative journey! They say you need to exercise your creative part of your brain in order to function at your full capacity! Keep doing something... be it woodworking, needlepoint, cooking ... whatever you have passion for! Whatever you choose, do it because it makes you happy and your heart sing!

For me....I'm on to happy Quilting!


Friday, June 20, 2014

#98 Baby Bumper pads

Well the cradle is with the new Mommy-to-be! She's been nesting and was awaiting the cradle. I think she's more at ease now, so my new Great Niece can come any day now!
You can tell there is a little wear and tear on the cradle. I think one of the babies parents down the line got some pain  (haha) paint on one of the sides, a chip here and there, but perfectly safe for the wee one. It's all cleaned up and the wood is in good shape. All the nuts and bolts are how they should be and it rocks perfectly or if she doesn't want that, they key locks it in place so it is still. My son, who is now 28, was in the cradle until he was 6 months old. It's quite roomy...and certainly great for a new wee one!

Your spot is ready wee one! May you arrive safe and sound and be good to your Momma! We are waiting anxiously!

Now on to wee one's quilt!

Happy Quilting everyone! I'll be in my sewing room!


Thursday, June 19, 2014

Flower Thursday

I seriously do try to make it for Wednesday! These are the flowers I have been working on! Yesterday I came down with a horrid migraine that kept me in bed all Flower Wednesday is legitimately delayed a day! Now I can go and check out the rest o the flowers! Hope you all have a great gardening week next week!

Tigger the Supervisor, is watching over me as I spend my time sewing some not-so-quilty things! But I have a wonderful excuse...I'm going to be a GREAT AUNT! So exciting for my niece expecting her first wee one! We know it's a girl .. We already have Little Man in the family, so frilly little things are going to be fun! 

We all know that those wee one's spit up -- so I got a bunch of  cloths sewn up for those dribbles and spit ups that wee one's have. Hopefully the new parents will put these to good use when needed! The best would be to wear them out because then I know it was a good idea to sew! I was looking for those gauzy Gerber pre-fold diapers, but nowhere in Calgary were they to be found. I finally found some regular square fleece diapers that I doubled and then turned inside out and added the great fabric. They are thick and soft enough to do the job! I pre-washed the fabrics to make sure that once they go through the wash, they will stay the same size, if not softer and softer every time! |It was so easy to make and the end product looks nice!

I have a cradle that I have kept from Middle Son when he was born. I have loaned it out many times with the rule that anyone that borrowed it must put the child's name on the bottom of the cradle along with the date of their birth. So far, 7 babies have gone through it. I have offered it to my Niece and she said she would love to use it. It's been checked over and the bolts are all up to date. The spindles are fine and not too far apart and will be a great little bed until wee one grows into her crib. I made a new bumper pad that is much brighter than the plain white bumper pads. The white ones are great and just need new ribbons to replace the old one. I'll send that along as well in case she needs to put the bumper pads through a wash. Remember those explosive diapers and the spit ups? ha ha! Well, it always is great to have a "spare"! I made a couple of sheets to go as well, so it will always be fresh for the wee one!

This is one project that I bought double-fold bias tape for. I do not like it! The end result is "done", but certainly not as nice as if I would have attached to the front and sewn to the back. It just goes to show that I really don't like "sewing" the binding all at one time. I really prefer taking the time to sew it on the front by machine and then pulling to the back to hand-sew.It does in a pinch, but if I had to do it all over again, I would take my time. This project is a bit of a rush as we are delivering the cradle tomorrow! Baby is due "any day", so I am sure that once my Niece has it in the house, she will be resting a bit easier knowing that everything is in it's place!

So, all in all, it's been a busy week with sewing! Although not quilting, it certainly has been productive!

Stay tuned as I am approaching my 100th post! I will be hosting a giveaway to my readers for putting up with me and reading along!

Happy Quilting everyone! What have you all been up to?

Thanks for your comments! We are all here to learn, so kudo's and comments on how to improve are always welcome! I try my best to keep up my blog, but in real life, work and family take over! Happy quilting everyone!