Monday, February 8, 2016

Shannon Brinkley -- have you heard of her?

You all know that I normally don't write about designers - but you all have to check out Shannon Brinkley! She is new on the block to designing fabric and I love the direction this is going!

Dryad Blog Hop + Giveaways Galore!

Just take a look at her beautiful collection -- along with corresponding Aurifil threads! Yeah!

 This young woman just put out her first fabric line. She is so adorable! Check out her blog and the blog hop that is going on right now. I think this new designer really knocked this out of the park! I just love the rich colors and so down to earth! I'd love to showcase a quilt with these fabrics -- now if only I can get my hand to cooperate!

Check these out:
Shannon Brinkley Studio
Shannon Brinkley's blog

She also has a new book that I am certain to pick up! I love scraps as you know - maybe this is something that will make me stretch my creativity!

Shannon's Book -- Scrappy Bits Applique  you can get a copy here: Scrappy Bits applique

Miss you all and thank God for all these blogs! I am so inspired with ideas and so thrilled with new fabric lines!

Happy Quilting Everyone!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Start a little bit at a time!

My hand therapist is going to be thrilled with me! I got some old straggling blocks and decided I would quilt it for a small zipper bag I want to make! I can keep my left hand flat-ish and guide the fabric.  This block is about 12" square. Thus far it has taken me about  7 days to get this far. I can do about 3 lines before my hand needs a rest believe it or not! I don't want to push it and be put back weeks. I have a hard enough time typing - but, my physiotherapist says that I must do things that may be a wee bit uncomfortable! My time is limited as I have to take morphine for the nerve pain - thus operating any machinery would not be a good idea! With my luck I would probably sew my other hand to the block!

I also have an intent supervisor!
"Take it easy," he says!

"I think you've done enough"

"You missed a stitch!"

"OK, time to shut off the machine!"

Happy Quilting Everyone!


Saturday, January 9, 2016

Motorcycle Boy's Birthday Quilt!

Happy New Year
Every year always starts out wonderfully in our family. We always ring in the New Year with the celebration of my brothers Birthday. Mr. Motorcycle is a new years baby =D
"It's been a long time coming, but my brother got his "30th birthday" quilt from Mom! She did this before her surgery and kept it under wraps until my brothers birthday on January 1st!
 You can look at my mom's original post May 27, 2013!

Mr. Motorcycle being the gentleman he is offered to do a small photo shoot with his bike prior to starting a day of Ice Racing. The pictures turned out amazing.
The quilt is "motorcycle" proof. Mom wanted a quilt that he would use camping to cover up with around the fire, or if needed in the back of his car/truck. Hopefully he will use it until it's nicely worn in and super soft.

I am jealous that this is my brothers quilt. I love the pops of colour and the history of each patch. I even think there are some fabrics in there from my old projects, probably a couple of my jeans as well ha-ha.

We are always looking at new ways to incorporate quilt tags into our projects. Mom came up with a great way to incorporate it into the quilt without it standing out like a sore thumb.

Update on Mom - she is unfortunately still off work and will hopefully be back soon. Its always hard when the only thing you want is to be back to "normal" but your body lets you down. I can't imagine how frustrating that would be.
My step dad has done an excellent job taking care of her. She's been doing better with her hand and has movement in her thumb but has developed Complex Regional Pain Syndrome as a result of the surgery. Some days are good and some not so good. I got her out for a Mani/Pedi and she had a sleepover at our place when I made the infinity scarves just before Christmas. This was one of the highlights of my Holidays.

Oh and...... another highlight from the Holidays was my engagement.  My love proposed to me just before Christmas. We had to work over the Holidays so we celebrated Christmas on the 19th, he was a sneaky bugger and hide the ring in my stocking. 
I am so blessed to have found such a great man who makes me laugh and smile everyday. I can not wait to spend the rest of my life with him. Now for the wedding planning (stay tuned for updates)

Wishing you all the best for 2016
-The Youngest

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Cozy Infinity Scarfs - 30 Minutes or Less

Oh the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful
And since we've no place to go
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!
Tis' the season - the holidays are upon us. With the holidays comes a whirl wind of activities! Plays, projects, shopping, parties ... I could go on. With all that said I know I have slacked a bit and have not written a blog post for almost a month. How times flies.
 A lot has happened in December, a few projects got started and some even were completed !!!
Also there were some great visits with family and friends.
This may be a long post ... so grab a nice warm egg nog and settle in ☺
December started out with my BF heading off to the mountains for one of his annual sled trips. With him gone this was the perfect time to work on some projects, get the Christmas shopping done and  spend some quality time with my Mom.
We decided to make a weekend of it, mom packed her overnight bag and was ready to go. As usual we had to start with something girly - this included getting a manicure and pedicure ☺ my favorite.
Next we had some fabric shopping to do - I needed to pick out some material for infinity scarfs. I have wanted to make these for a while and thought they would make great Christmas presents.
Below is the fabric that we picked out for the scarfs. Three nice warm flannels.
I think I have read all the online tutorials imaginable for infinity scarfs. For the most part they were all basically the same, with small differences here and there. What it boiled down to was taking an infinity scarf I already had and loved and measuring it to get the measurements we used.
For these scarfs the fabric measurements were - 2m x 0.35m.

Once we had the fabric cut we then sewed the two longest sides together (right sides together)
You will end up with a 2m long tube
Now this is the tricky part to explain !!!
You will need to place your hand in the tube you just sewed together and grab the other end.
Once you have that end in your hand you will pull it back through to the top of the tube.
Stop when the bottom end and the top end of the tub meet.

Your tube will now be 1m in length and all you will be ale to see will be your "wrong sides"
You will need to match up the ends and sew all the way around joining the top to the bottom.
Make sure to leave a small opening.
You will place your hand in that small opening, go all the way to the bottom and grab the fabric and turn it right side out.

Lastly you will need to stitch closed that small opening you left open to turn your fabric.


We had to try a couple times to get a thread that worked with all the different colours.
This nice brown is the thread that we choose. 


I am very happy with the final product and they took all of ~20 minutes give or take some time for the hand stitching. The fabric cost $50 and I was able to make 10 scarfs. So in total each scarf cost about $5 each. These are quick and easy for Christmas presents and don't break the bank.
Let us know if you make your own infinity scarfs and if you have any tips or tricks.

Love to hear from you!
- The Youngest


Merry Christmas Tree Skirt

This skirt was made at the Fall Retreat in October 2014 - it has taken almost a year and a half to finish. Of course the supervisor was there every step of the way.

The quilting took about 1 week. I could only manage one round at a time before I had to quit with my hand. Although my hands were flat all the time, my CRPS from my surgery in July was causing me great pain.

It took another two weeks to stitch the back down. I manage to do about 8  inches or so at a time before I had to put it down for the next day. Frustrating, and a tearful journey.   Chef kept on encouraging me and told me that this condition is not forever. What I worry the most about as a quilter is losing the loss of my hands and my eyesight. I can't even type for longer than 10 minutes at a time before the pain prevents me from moving my fingers anymore. I am still off work and I do very little. Chef is doing my hair -- but hey! He does a fantastic ponytail and I CAN pull my pants up by myself finally!
 Of course he had to take a wayyyyyyyyyy closer look to make sure I was doing it right! What will I do when he's gone? He's 15 now! Can you believe it!
 The end product under the tree. Finally replacing the old felt one that was used for 30+ years!
 The reverse side is fun too!

 It will be some time before I am back at the machine an into my 'normal' again! Thank you all for your emails and encouragement! I have love reading them all! I am hoping the neurologist will be able to find a solution to all this and stop the relentless pain. I am now stoned on morphine and sit gazing at the tree. If this is my last project -- let it be a joyous one!

Merry Christmas one and all! I wish you all the joys of the season and a fabulous New Year to you all!


Saturday, November 28, 2015

Dull and Dingy to FABULOUS - Ironing Board Cover

I have finally settled into my NEW sewing room and I am loving it. I have everything just where I want and as a result I have been sewing a heck of a lot more. It's become a little oasis of creativity ☺
However the more I sew the more I notice how our Ironing Board really needs a makeover. This ironing board has been all the way from the East coast to the West coast and then some.
It really is showing its age. It is looking rather sad and stained. I like to have a few projects on the go at one time so I decided WHY NOT I'll make a cover for the dull dingy ironing board.
I went to pick out some fabric that would spice up that drab ole' ironing board. I nailed it down to the three choices below.
Choice # 1

Choice # 2
Choice # 3
Ding Ding Ding ... Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

After a quick tutorial from the master (Mom) I was ready to go. I'm sure you could have been more precise than I was but I didn't think anyone would really bend down to see the bottom of my ironing board so I didn't see the point.

-   2 meters fabric (I used quilting cotton)
-   Batting - enough for 1-2 layers (I kept the old cover and batting on for extra padding)
-   3 meters of 1/4" elastic
-   Basic sewing supplies

How To
Step 1 - Iron your fabric.
Step 2 - Lay out your fabric and place your ironing board on top.
Step 3 - Cut your fabric out, cutting  3" - 4" away from your ironing board.
Step 4 - Cut your batting using the ironing board as a template.
           - Cut the batting so that when pulled down it covers the edges of the ironing board.

As you can see below I was not all to precise (it really isn't too big of a deal)

Step 4 - Fold your raw edge over and sew approx. 1/4" the entire way around your cover.
           - Mine was a bit more than 1/4", that's okay.
           - Sew around the curves the best you can, you will need to slightly pleat your fabric as you go.
           - You will know what I mean when you get to the curved parts.
Step 5 - Fold your nicely sewn section over ~1" this will form a pocketed area .
           - This is where your elastic will go.
Step 6 - Sew 1/4"  around, try to keep your casing wider then the size of your elastic.
           - Leave about 1" opening at the end so you can feed your elastic in and around.
Step 7 - Feed your elastic in through your opening
           - Make sure you do not let your elastic tail go in as well or you will have to start over again
Step 8 - Place your cut batting on the ironing board ensuring the edges are covered as well.
           - I kept the old cover and batting on for extra padding as well.
           - While holding onto the two ends of your elastic, stretch your cover over your ironing board
           - Now with your cover over the board, pull the elastics as tight as you can, making sure that
              the new cover in completely covering the board and all the edges.
           -  It should look something like the picture below.
Step 9 - When you can no longer pull the elastic any more tie the elastic ends together with 3 - 5
              tight knots. This will ensure the elastic will stay together and tight.
Step 10 - Step back and admire your new ironing board cover ☺
I am very happy with how my new cover turned out and it was so simple and easy. It honestly took me no time at all. The longest part was trying to choose a fabric I liked.
Now my tutorial isn't the most precise however here is a link to a really good tutorial for this project. They used bias tape to form the pocket instead of my folding technique, etiher way works.

Hope you enjoyed my litte project!
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The - Youngest