Monday, November 5, 2012

Amazing Friends!

You gotta love friends! One of friends who I used to work with went to Japan. She's a sweet gal who always brings home beautiful "something" for her friends. Now no matter what I tell her..."no", "thanks, but no", "that's really sweet, but please don't", she brings something for me regardless. Well this time, against everything that I was told when I was growing up, I ASKED that if she was bringing something home, to please bring me a swatch of Japanese fabric. I of course, promised her in turn to bring something from Portugal (which I "ahem"...still have not gotten to her!) Never in a million years did I think I would get what I did! Take a look!
I called to thank her today as another co-worker brought it to work today. I was so excited, I had to call her from work to thank her! The story goes that both her and her boyfriend found a shop with textiles on their journey. My friend dragged him in and the both of them were searching through bundles of fabric to pick the one they thought I would love (I think I would be pretty thrilled with anything! wouldn't you?) So this lovely little bundle from over the ocean came to join my stash!
サリーありがとうございます! (let's hope this really says "Thank you Sally!") PS...Sally we need to get together for my turn to pass along something!


Karen said...

Fabulous fabric!!

Margo said...

Now I need to find a perfect pattern to go with the fabric!