Thursday, August 22, 2013

Babies, Babies everywhere!

Remind me not to drink the water at work! My past assistant (she was "my" girl who was amazing and found all things that were lost and could do a job before I even asked!) has had twin boys! Now that girl knows how to do it and get it done and over with! The biggest compliment I got was her reporting her little girl (now almost 4) drags her "blankie" everywhere! Well of course the twins had to have their own "blankies" as well! The pattern was found enclosed with my Accuquilt GO! small tumbler die. It was super easy to make! I found some great fabric from Pink Chalk Fabrics!( ). I used Anne Kellie's Urban Zoologie Turles and Owls! A while ago I also ordered one of Pink Chalks specials on solids that were a perfect fit for these projects! Did I mention how much I love ordering from Pink Chalk? The cozy flannel on the backside will be super-soft the more it's broken in! My stippling is something to be desired, but I continue to practice!
A "shout-out" to Beverly of -- she suggested on one of her comments to cut stripes on a bias for the binding. Well I had some great black on white "text" of ""sewing words. I deliberately cut the fabric so that you could not see the words/ You can see the "letters" instead. It worked out great! Thanks Beverly! I wouldn't have tried it without your suggestion! Don't you love the blogging world?! It appears one my co-workers wife drank the office water a number of months ago and lo' and behold there is yet another "baby" arrival in the world!! I think I should just start making baby quilts in bulk! (Ok I have to fess DID make me go and purchase another Accuquilt die! I bought the larger tumbler die so I can start churning out more baby quilts! ha ha!) Happy Quilting everyone!

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