Saturday, February 22, 2014

Knitting for newborns!

Well I've been absent for quite some time! I've been busy knitting away! I am NOT a knitter. I remember my first knitting class was a sweater that I absolutely HATED. Then I thought I would make my toddler a sweater with cable knit....was great when I did one sleeve with cables and finished the other without and then realized it when I was sewing it together! You get the picture!

So, in order to do something little, and something where I could give "back" to the community by volunteering, I started knitting little infant toques for the Rockyview Hospital. The company I work for encourages volunteering, but the things they suggest take me right out of the pool of volunteers (i.e. my asthma and environmental issues such as pollens, perfumes, dust, etc.) This was a perfect fit! The best part was my company provides grants to the non-profit that you volunteer for!  How great! I have been loving the new yarns they have out there!

One the best places  I discovered on the net is Willow Yarns that deliver right to your door! The prices are great and the delivery was excellent! It gave me a chance to try out those different yarns.... bamboo and silk to name a couple! WOW! No wonder people are getting hooked on knitting! Of course I also went to a local yarn shop with "self-patterning" yarns. The price for one skein was a bit hefty ($19 a ball!). I can say I tried it and I love them, but I can't afford them on a regular basis. Willow Yarns has a wonderful selection and they have regular sales for those who want to save a few dollars. The shipping was decent for what I ordered, so I'm happy with it all!

Are any of you getting into knitting? What are you doing? Are you a newbie or a seasoned veteran? What's your next un-quilting project?

Happy creativity!

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