Saturday, March 1, 2014

How much color to your creative space?

My tastes are very low key and very "matchey-matchey", as my youngest would say. I play it safe with my colors at home. Taupe colored walls, brown leather club chairs in my living room with the beige carpet and wood coffee tables, etc. You get the picture! Even the pillows are very "blah". I have been dreaming of color, but not confidently when it comes to decorating my home. I read all those design magazines and blogs. I droll over the photo's and just shy away from wild colors in my living spaces -- EXCEPT for my sewing room! I love the apple green, but I decided it needed a pop more of color and I added red. maybe it's not all red! But at least it gives me choices! A very simple header. Here is how lazy I am -- you get your yardage, fold it in half, press neatly -- then press pleats in and put up on your rod with those great curtain clips. I am so challenged when it comes to cutting fabric that I love! This way, if I want to change this fabric header, I can and perhaps use the fabric for something else!  I know there will be those of you who will tell me that the light will bleach the fabric (I have a blind underneath so the sunlight doesn't go directly on the fabric). Also, I have a number of places that the fabric can be used... potholders, small stuffies, my grandson's practice sewing...etc. Maybe a lining for a bag? Who knows. I had enough where I used the same fabric to cover my ironing board.

I have a shelf above the television. For now it holds a few boxes of items that are used rarely, but I don't have the heart to throw them out! IKEA here we come and I added some red boxes as well. I have green boxes scattered throughout. The little birdhouse with drawers was an ugly, baby-poo (haha) yellow -- so I painted it out to match! Love it! Some of my favorite photo's that will have to find a new home when I run out of shelf space! My sheep from Portugal that I intended to use as pincushions (but didn't have the heart to) and a place to put my Best Press refills, close to the ironing board.

There are empty wall spaces that "could" hold some mini-quilts, but that would mean another project -- for which I am holding back on now until I get control of the WIP's (works in progress!) \UFO's (un-finnished objects) sounds a little too negative to me! WIP's sounds like I'm going to "crack the whip", "whip something up!" "whip it together!" -- nicer don't you think?

I am always re-thinking the space and wondering what else I can do. The green on the walls are much brighter in person than how it shows on the photo's. Regardless -- it's my happy, bright place!

What are your sewing room favorites where you create?

Happy decorating all! Maybe I'll have courage to tackle the rest of the house come the spring. Or at least some wild pillows in the living room!


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