Sunday, October 19, 2014

Another Mystery!

Don't you just love surprises? The Youngest and I went to a Mystery Quilt day with Nimble Thimbles Quilt Club out in Airdrie! Never participated in a Mystery Day? Well neither did I until I went to my first one last year! Of course you have read about these on various blogs, but doing one in RL (real life) is a whole lot of fun! Just check out how happy we were!
Before our trip, we got our first "clue".... ok, they were instructions on the type of fabric and how to cut them up.We placed them on our labeled bags and then brought them to class!

The first clue was read out and we started to sew our faces off! 
We had help from a wonderful group of ladies (in the aprons) who helped "un-sew" and also press our pieces!

Because I am such a hands-on type learner (I don't do well with verbal instructions! haha!) 
My quilting friend Karen (yes, the one and only one who quilts my lovely creations)
 helped to un-sew my boo boo's! (Thanks Karen!)

We had NO idea of what our creation  would end up looking like -- even after a few more "clues"

until..we ended up
 with full blocks!

So my "Shambhala" quilt is on it's way! I'll post it once it is quilted and bound!
 It's definitely a HAPPY quilt!

We had a wonderful time! It's so great to see  how things comes to life bit by bit! It was great to share this day with so many great ladies! Hope you all have a chance to do this one day! Remember there are a lot of great "Mystery" quilts you can participate in on-line -- don't wait for it to come to you, check them out and take a chance! So much thing to see what wonderful creations there are out there! Bonnie Hunter has a new one -- check it out!  You can still get in on it! The fabric and cutting instructions just came out!

Happy Quilting everyone!


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Anonymous said...

Margo, I love your bright colors. One reason I don't do mysteries is that at the end, I always wish I'd done the colors differently, but in yours, it came out fabulous! That's a lovely mother/daughter picture, too. Frame worthy.