Sunday, June 14, 2015

There's a new kid on the block!

What a beautiful day it is up North, the sun is shining the birds are chirping and the heavy haul trucks are running. Whoa wait did I say North... heavy haul trucks?  Yes that’s right I did! I have a confession to make this is actually the Youngest writing. I have commandeered my lovely mother’s blog for a little bit while she takes some much needed time for her hand to rest up before her surgery. Don’t you fret I won’t be on here forever, Mom will be back in no time; those hexi flowers can only wait so long.
SO what will my first Blog post be about??? Well why not about my new sewing room ☺ To give you a little background last summer I moved into my very understanding boyfriend’s house. I previously had a house of my own which was fully furnished and had accumulated the normal amount of “junk”. Before I moved in I purged like it was going out of style. Now if you ask my BF he will say I still have too much stuff, but we all know the truth… boys are crazy!

With the furniture I couldn’t bare to part with we placed it in the front office/sitting room. There were two grey modern sofas across from each other with nice glass and wood coffee and end tables. The room looked nice however we already had TWO living rooms what the heck were we going to do with a third.

Our nice front sitting room turned into the space that no one ever went in … and I mean ever. These brand new couches were used all of ONE time.
From the time I moved up North and purchased my own home to moving back down South and in with my BF I had been sewing on any surface I could find Kitchen tables, Islands and yes even the floor at one time. Needless to say my sewing in the last few years has not been very … shall we say productive.
As my mom mentioned previously I entered my first quilt into last year’s Festival of Quilts. The quilt I entered was a surprise for my BF it was a Black and White quilt with a small touch of Blue. I feverishly worked on the quilt at my mom’s house while my BF was away up North at work.

The weekend of the quilt show my BF and I went camping with a bunch of friends and I had to convince him to leave instead of staying an extra day just to go to the quilt show. I was exhausted he was exhausted … I even had mud in my hair from quading ha-ha. Well we made it there, not without a little convincing from me.
We met my mom at the front gates and started to walk around looking at the quilts. We stopped at one … my quilt and paused there for a moment. My mom gestured to my BF to read the label, that’s when he realized why I was so persistent in going to the quilt show. I had made a quilt for him! Long story short from that moment on my amazing BF understood how much sewing meant to me. Now here we are redoing the front room so I can have a space of my own to sew.
 And so the redecorating/room change adventure begins ……
Until Next time – The Youngest


Anonymous said...

Eager to read on...

Anonymous said...

love the quilt! Very nice! Welcome to the block!

Anonymous said...

The quilt is wonderful - lucky man. A dedicated place for the sewing machine is really a necessity. =)

Margo said...

Thank you for the Lovely comments. I am very excited to have a dedicated place to sew. I am hoping that all my half started projects will slowly start to get finished. Oh and now my mom can have sew days at my house, thats another thing to look forward to =D

- The Youngest

Raewyn said...

Hope your Mum's resting up well and the surgery goes well. What a neat way to introduce your BF to the reality of your passion! Have fun in your new room!