Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Youngest and the Adventures of the Baby Quilt

IT'S A ME MARIO ... Just Joking it's the Youngest
Alight - I have taken a small hiatus from blogging .... however I have not from sewing.
Now that my beautiful sewing room is done, the sewing fairy has sprinkled her sewing dust on me!
(probably fabric dust from a day of cutting)
With a little nudge from my Mum I have been using up what scraps I can find and putting together baby blankets. Why so many baby blankets you many ask HA well my oh so lovely Mother kindly reminded me that all my friends are at the baby age and wouldn't you know ... that's all I see ALL over my social media these days.
SO I might as well stock up on the quilts and hunker in for the baby storm that is blowing my way ☺
I have just recently completed a quilt for our neighbours. They are having their second child and the sex of the baby will be a surprise. Usually when you don't know if someone is having a beautiful baby boy or gracious baby girl the colour I find most are drawn to is that gender neutral yellow.
Well surprise surprise, I am not the biggest fan of yellow or overly bright colours ... but I stepped outside of the box on this baby quilt. I'm starting to learn that every time I venture out of my colour comfort zone I am astonished at how much I love the final product.
Lately I am all about being thrifty and using my left overs so I decided to use this jelly roll. I had it already half cut up and pieced together for another project that didn't quite see the end so I picked up right where I left off. My mom showed me a quick and easy way to turn those jelly rolls from just strips to really neat squares. I believe there is a quilt tutorial on this from Missouri Star Quilt Company - with 3 Dudes Quilting.

Below are some of the blocks sewn together.
Oh and as a side note - If you have not got the APP (application) for Missouri Star Quilt Company on your Phone or Tablet, it is a must. There are excellent tutorials on there. Also a good place to start if your looking for some inspiration.

Below is a picture of what the APP Icon looks like.
If you don't already know I am not a consistent quilter. I quilt in big spurts. I get a project and I have to work work work work until it is done and then I may not quilt for months after. My Mum laughs at me for this. Before I had a sewing room I would show up at my Mums door with fabric in tow and a BIG idea for a new quilt. Then I would basically squat at my Mums house until I got enough of the quilt done that I was satisfied. Sewing 12+ hours straight is a common occurrence when I get the quilting bug. Good thing my Mum is patient.
Well that sewing fairy sprinkled her sewing dust on me and I was bit by the quilting bug so I knew I had a long day ahead of me. I managed to get all the 3 Dudes Quilt blocks together in no time. However the quilt was a bit to small, even for a baby.
It definitely needed a boarder!
 I wasn't so keen on driving 45 minutes into the city just to get some extra fabric. So ... I drove 45 minutes and saw my Mum instead ☺ She had seen the project I was working on and had some spare stash that she said would work perfect.
Can't argue with the sensei.
My Mum gifted me the orange bumble bee boarder and the polka-dot binding.
(What a lucky girl I am)

Once I had the bumble bee border on it still looked a bit unfinished to me so I added a piano boarder with whatever remaining scraps I could find. The quilt really was about being resourceful.
I usually try my hardest to convince my Mum to sew the binding on for me.  The reality is that she is way better at it than me and you can NEVER see her stitches. But unfortunately for me she is out of commission since her hand surgery and I had no other choice but to go solo on hand stitching the binding.
Don't nit pick to much, but I am slowly getting better with each quilt binding I stitch on. My corners are turning into less of a monstrosity and the stitches are getting less and less noticeable. I do however have a new item on my wish list seeing that I will have to stitch the binding myself now.
BINDING CLIPS - Where have you been all my life !!! These are like gold.
With all the bright colours in the quilt just about any backing would have looked great. I chose to go with a baby soft fuzzy teal. What a good choice, I absolutely love how the bright orange pops against the teal. This is a winning colour combination, and I will definitely use it again! 
This quilt is just so fun looking, I can't wait to see what my neighbour thinks of it!

As always thanks to my Mum for all the help !!!

Until we meet again - The Youngest


Margo said...

MOM HERE...absolutely gorgeous! That is going to be a well-loved quilt! Thanks for all the kudos, but you are certainly a great quilter my youngest! You make me proud! xo

Anonymous said...

Just wondering when you will make a baby quilt for your...
Anyway, this quilt is awesome!

Malinda said...

Congratulations on getting ahead of the baby storm that is heading your way. Most of us are running behind it. Any baby or mom would LOVE to have such a cheery quilt!

The Youngest said...

Well Anonymous - no babeies on the horizon for me as of yet. I have some bucket list items I still want to do.

Malinda - I think I have just barely got ahead of the baby storm - pretty soon I will bottle neck when I have all the bindings to sew on haha (good practice)

Thank you all for the kind comments - i am inspired to take on more difficult quilts now ... I just got the pattern for Dog Gone Cute - that will be my next project.

Yours Truly, The Youngest

Lucy | Charm About You said...

Adorable quilt! I sent you an email because you won my Modern Background giveaway :) but haven't heard back from you. Please send me an email with your details so Green Fairy can send you your prize! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Adorable baby quilt. I love that you and your mom share a passion for quilting. That orange bumblebee fabric was the perfect touch. I hope you appreciate her sacrifice for you. LOL I just buy cards of those silver bendy barrettes and use those for binding clips. Cheap at the dollar store. Very functional. I like them better than the red ones you pictured because they are longer and it doesn't hurt my wrist to open and close them. And did I mention they are cheap? =)

MB said...

What an excellent idea those hair clips, I know the exact ones you mean. My hand has been cramping from holding the binding while I stitch, I need an easy way to hold that binding secure without sacraficing my hand.

My mom is very generous with her stash - all my quilts have a little bit of her in them, which is nice.

Stay tuned for updates on my next binding adventures ☺