Sunday, November 15, 2015

Teddy Bear Diapers

It was one of those days where the BF and I didn't have any big plans so I decided to head down south to my Moms for a sew day, leaving the BF to work in the garage (he could be in there all day anyways). This day turned into more of a cutting day for me but all the same it was great.

My mom had a small project she wanted to work on for the little man. Due to the limitations with her hand she is only able to do certain things and for short periods of time. My Moms physiotherapist is a genius she has worked out how she can do her at home therapy while doing something she enjoys *SEWING*. I thought this was so clever!

Here's an example. One of the exercises she has to do is take her pointer finger to her thumb, sounds easy ... trust me after her surgery it is anything but. You start to dread your exercises when they are painful. However take that same exercise and put two pieces of fabric in between your fingers and line up the edges, much better. You are still completing your exercise however now you at least have nicely lined up fabric to show for it.

On this sew day my Mom was was creating these cute little fabric diapers for the little mans teddy bears, doing double duty by working out her hand.  So she instructed and I assisted, worked out well.

First she took a simple template, placed it on folded fabric (she used flannel) and cut out the shape, she did this twice with 2 different types of flannel.

Next she lined up the two cut flannel pieces (right sides together) using that pointer finger to thumb exercise and sewed all the way around leaving a small opening to turn the fabric.Then she turned the flannel right side out and TA DA, the makings of a teddy bear diaper.

Once flipped so the right sides are out she sewed all aound the diaper, ensuring to nicely secure the once existing hole where the fabric was turned.

My mom decided for the fanciers she was going to use Velcro. It was definitely comical watching her try to peel the Velcro apart. I shouldn't laugh but it was funny. Finally she looks at me and say "I may need your help" I took one end of the Velcro and she took the other in her good hand and we pulled it apart.

A little more sewing and the teddy bear diapers were all done. Lastly was the final fit test!

Mom was gone and back in a flash with "Ryan" the little mans teddy bear. The teddy diapers went on and sure enough are extremly adorable. I might have to whip up a couple of these for our cute little neighbours little dollies.


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