Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Back in the quilt studio!

Finally I have had the "oompff" to get back to sewing. I've been working through health issues that prevented me from going in the sewing room. This weekend I managed to finally get a quilt bound that is going in the Heritage Park Festival of Quilts. This is one that I started quilting in 1996 -- the year that I took my very first class. The quilt blocks were hidden for years... travelled with me during my moves after the divorce and finally pulled out of the boxes the last couple of years. FINALLY...done... 1996-2012. Oh! If that quilt could talk, it would tell you of quite the journey over the years -- thus the title "Journey 1006-2012". Hope you all have fun going to Heritage Park this coming weekend and seeing the wonderful quilts! Happy quilting everyone!

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