Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hertitage Park - Day Two!

Chef and I went to Heritage Park again as he wanted to see my quilt displayed. He insisted on photo of me standing beside my quilt! Of course, as a woman, I do the, "Is my hair ok? Do I look ok?" before he snapped the photo -- oh well, maybe when I'm long gone I won't worry about what I look like in those photo's. I'm the one usually BEHIND the camera (and I just HATE being in front of one!)
Day two was just as great as day one! Met some wonderful people from some of the guilds in our area. Maybe one day I will join one! I bought tickets for the multiple quilt raffles they have! Would love to be the "winner" in one of them, but at least the $'s go to the guilds, which is never a bad thing! Chef and I found a couple of quilts with unique labels that were pieced. Maybe I'll try that one day!
Chef found a quilt that he liked....well, expecially the BACK!
Of course I found a couple that motivated me more!
Happy Quilting Everyone!

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