Monday, April 21, 2014

Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio and Suchity Such

Where have I been? Of course helping The Youngest with her sewing and browsing the internet for blogs! So exciting that I entered a draw and WON!

Check out Empty Bobbin Sewing Studio . Shea drew my name and I was so excited when I read her email that I screamed! Chef was worried, but then shook his head as I told him the exciting news and he said "Bravo"! He is such a good man! He supports my addiction!

Shea's blog is a great source of info and inspiration! I've been lead to books that I would not have tried in the past and looked at projects that I thought I couldn't tackle, yet knowing that really, really I can!  Shea was on blog party (is that what they call it?)promoting a new fabric collection called  PAINT, for Windham Fabrics. Quite a bit different than what I use and listening to the voice of my daughter, I have to stretch and try new fabrics!

Carrie Bloomston’s new line is beautiful! Soft and peaceful colors. I was then drawn to her blog as well (you know how that goes! You go to one blog and then forty blogs later you wonder where the time went!) What I enjoyed the most, beside the amazing creativity of this young mom . She recently was sharing prayer flags and explained the spiritual significance of them. As she explained to some people what prayer flags were to her, she quoted, "honor the sacred creativity within you. As you work, be filled with love, let your work be like a prayer..." She then goes on to say, "fill it with love from your heart as you work."

I've been more in front of the TV and computer lately instead of my sewing machine. I now know why.... I have been doing projects because I HAD to do them and not because I was filled with love or honoring the sacred creativity within me. Who knew that entering a giveaway would lead to such an "ah hah!" ladies, Shea and Carrie, I thank you both!

Remember to fill it with love as you quilt!

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