Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Hoppy - who said kids can't sew?

Little man came over before Easter and decided that he and his Nana were going to sew a "bunny"! Well I certainly was up for the challenge -- especially since the last time he was over it was a miserable crafting fail! Have you ever tried to make homemade slime? The stuff that keeps it's shape if your hands are moving, but will slimmmmmmmmmmmmmmme through your fingers if your hands are still? Well we did! We tried to color it green and with adding more colors (because I didn't have enough green), it turned out a lovely brown! "Nana!" said the little man. "I can PLAY with it, but I sure can't look at it!" ha ha
He picked the fabrics because it looked like tires. We traced it out on the fabric after we folded it in half. He was the "Pin" guy. Of course, with his hands on top of mine as we sewed, he would S C R E A M "PIN!!!" at the top of his lungs when we came to one. I would stop and he would remove the pin. He was thrilled with the outcome and was helping me stuff it, poking down the stuffing with chopsticks. We drew the legs a little bit too skinny, so rice, here we come. His legs and arms were filled with rice, as were his ears, so Hoppy would be floppy and the rest was stuffed. 

Next came the eyes that he picked out. I was quite happy to embroider eyes, but he wanted them to stick out! Oh yes and "Nana he needs hair!"

his ears looked a bit wonky, so knowing that this would not be his "forever" Hoppy, we tied his ears off so they looked separated from his head. Of course Hoppy needed a few whiskers! 

I thought it was all done when he announced, "Nana! he needs a tail!" and off of to my sewing room to raid the crafting supplies. I thought maybe a white puff....but no, it had to be blue because "Blue is my favorite color Nana! Right Nana?" 
"Yes Little Man, you are absolutely right! I love your bunny!"
"I love you Nana! Thank you for helping me with Hoppy!"'s not the precision that is creativity and working with love in your heart! Whatever you create, will be a masterpiece to someone!

Today..create a Masterpiece!


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