Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Calgary today!

Instead of the leaves falling, the trees are falling!
About 10 cm of snow fell overnight. The trees are not ready for the weight with all the leaves still on. Now we have a cute little crab apple to the right of the little garden. The trees directly in front of the umbrella and the BBQ are from our neighbors yard!

This is a peek into our neighbors yard when it just started!

This is right behind our house!

The tree is now leaning on the eaves trough of my sewing room. We are waiting for this to come crashing down and through the patio window below! Until we can get help, we are on "stand-by" mode. There were over 2,000 emergency calls in the first hour of snowfall as tree's were falling down onto power lines! Thank heavens all our power lines are buried. It's not so much of an urgency around our area! There are a lot of areas worse off! The Little Man and his Momma are on their way over to sleep here as the power at their place has been off all day!

So while we wait for the rest of the trees to fall....I've been servicing the little Babylock BL9! It's sewing beautiful now! It's packed away and the sewing machines are tucked in for the night after being unplugged! Too many power surges here!

 The BL9 is  a  little entry level machine! I do not regret for a minute buying this little machine. It does not have all the bells and whistles like automatic needle threader, or kneelift that the Symphony has. It has enough stitches to keep you stitching for years though! Enough basic stitch selection that will have you piecing and appliqueing, as well as free motion quilting (It has an extra place to cover the feed dogs)! Ignore the zig zag at the front -- that was before I got it all cleaned and threaded properly. Note to self....make sure you spend time with your instruction manual! Something as simple as threading your machine incorrectly can cause a whole lot of problems!
So now I am confident that my youngest can use this machine again! It should be great for the retreat!

oh....and by the way....

105 more days until Christmas!

Happy Quilting all!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a perfect machine for a retreat! I don't actually like most of those bells and whistles, just lots of stitch choices. I had heard Calgary was getting snow - friends live near the temple there and said it was predicted. I hope your trees were trimmed back, or the snow melted, before it crashed through your house! These are the times for a hand crank machine. =)

Margo said...

It's a great little machine...but I must confess, I take the Symphony! I can't resist leaving behind all the bells and whistles!