Sunday, January 18, 2015

Back to sewing!

The Symphony is home and working great! YEAH! It is working like a charm and I feel like things are back to normal! It is a "new" machine to replace the old one. Can you believe that in the U.S. they want $4K for this thing? EGADS! I am thankful that insurance took care of it and all it cost me was my deductible. Thank heavens for "all perils". It's worth it. Not that anyone or anything other than my OWN hands will be touching this machine anytime!

After sleeping most of the day yesterday, I got up this morning and made myself a coffee and off I went to the studio! Once the newest project gets to the recipient, I will ask for a photo to show off the cutie patootie I am making this for! Of course I will show you views of the finished product as well!

Here I am below in all my glory!  Hair tossed up and threw on clothes. All is "A-OK". I did find it hard to sew though, especially with gripping anything with my left hand. Chain piecing isn't so bad, but anything that requires me to pinch my thumb and other fingers together on my left hand is painful! I head to the orthopedic hand surgeon next week to see what can be done. If anything, I will be laid up for a few months if they are doing surgery! Work is difficult as I type all day. I have an ergonomic keyboard and I wear a split when it gets too bad. I guess they say it's normal when you do typing all the time. I'm thinking what the next generation will be like with all their "texting" with their thumbs!

I do have a retreat booked in March. Come hell or high water -- I'll be there! Even if it's just to offer my support with pouring coffee or something!

The whole time in my sewing room, Tigger was by the window supervising - that is, when his eyes were opened and his forehead wasn't buried in his kitty mat on top of the storage units! Normally, when I am watching TV with Chef in the living room, this is how he sleeps! Can't complain because he's so nice and warm around my neck!

So, I got the back to my mystery quilt done. It will be off to my friend Karen tomorrow to longarm it. I also finished the above project, but I will be quilting that myself! I was thinking that I should do some scrap maintenance here. I have a huge basket of scraps that I need to sort and cut.  I hate to throw any of those pieces out and want to get a handle on them. It's been far too long and things are starting to fall out of the basket now! That will have to keep for another day! Thank goodness I have the accuquilt! I may have to get some more dies if my left hand is in a sling and I'll have to employ Chef to help me with the scraps! It's bad enough that I'll have to have him help me with my hair if surgery is a go! He's amazing though! He's a lovely man who I adore! I know the quilty thing is not "his" thing, but he would willingly help! The first thing he said when he heard my machine fell in the hotel parkade was, "Oh NO! Are YOU ok? Did it fall on you?" Never a cross word. God love him!

Happy Quilting Everyone! I'm off to browse the blogs! I am so hooked on Bonnie Hunter that I could be called a "stalker" ...except I live far away and stalk her blog! haha! I ordered one of her books that I am so anxious to get! It should be here pretty soon!



Anonymous said...

Even with your aching thumb you accomplished a lot! A friend is going in Friday to have her first one surgically repaired - whatever it is they do. She's looking forward to the after - way after. =) I'm so happy your machine is working well. Does that mean they gave you a brand new machine, or a refurbished one? I wasn't sure since you put the quotes around new.

Margo said...

Hey thanks! I bought the floor model. Probably less hours on it than the one that had to be replaced, so I am happy with that!

I would love to chat with your friend and find out about her surgery. I go to the surgeon tomorrow to see what they are doing. Would be nice to talk to someone else going through the same. Can you pass my email along to her? Thanks Susan! {{hugs}} Margo