Monday, January 12, 2015

My new Babylock Symphony has arrived! read that right! I have my new replacement BabyLock Symphony! YEAH!

My service person, Sean, should be the one that gets the commission with the work he put into the estimate to repair my machine! Apparently he is not eligible for commission. So -- my humble thanks to Sean who went over and above in estimating the damages to my poor machine below:

They stopped estimating once it was beyond the purchase price. *sigh* I was just sick over it. Chef, was so incredibly supportive. I was in tears when I came home. Thank goodness it was "replaceable"  and I was thankful  we were able to take care of it now instead of when I was retired. This will be a machine that I will use well into retirement! It will NOT be travelling without a proper case.

Word to the wise... ('cause I wasn't so wise) If you spend huge amounts of money on a machine, spend the extra couple of hundred to buy a very good sewing machine case to protect your investment. Either that, or take a cheaper machine to your classes! 

Some of you may remember that my Symphony took a dive off the luggage cart in the hotel parkade on my last retreat. Something I did not expect and of course I placed the machine on the cart with care. What I did not expect was the cart hitting a pothole in the parkade, pitching my machine down to the concrete! Down she went, hitting the side of the wheel onto the concrete -shattering the touch memory board. We couldn't even turn it on to see if the insides were working (Sean was pretty sure it was toast!) It wasn't a far fall,..but it was a fall nevertheless. I instantly wanted to vomit! This is my "baby" after all!  I can regret all I want, but I certainly can't turn the hands of time back! If I could, I'd have less wrinkles and no grey hair! ha ha...oh yes and my twenty-something body!

Meantime..if any of you have any suggestions on the best care for this type of machine -- let me know! I certainly will be investing in one!

Happy quilting all! Before you know it I'll be posting a finish soon!


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Anonymous said...

I would think about that investing in a smaller cheaper machine. Sometimes I take my FW, and my best friend had a Janome Gem she used for classes. I think I can imagine how you felt. My machine isn't made any more and has traveled the whole country with me, been on retreats, been ... everywhere. I would just feel like dying if something happened to it. I don't even like to leave it for cleaning! So glad you were able to replace it.