Sunday, May 17, 2015

Mystery Quilts Reveal

A couple of months ago, the Youngest and myself went to a Mystery Quilt Day! For those of you new to Mystery Quilts -- you get the instructions in bits and pieces. The best are the ones that you have no inkling of what they look like!


It all started with the cutting instructions! The Youngest had her choice of colors and her base fabric is what you can see on the right for the borders. This is a closeup of the borders and backing:

Imagine that beautiful floral in her stash! She says she found it at Fabricland! Absolutely gorgeous! The rest of the fabric she bought at My Sewing Room. I went with her as her "bolt holder" haha, as we wandered the bolts of fabrics for just the right choices! Remember, you have NO idea what the outcome is going to be, but she really liked the combination of the ranges of yellow and blues to tie into that beautiful floral!

As for mine, I had some great fabric for the borders as well! I was hoping to go red and green, but was outvoted by Chef and The Youngest! They were both choosing fabrics from my stash and also went with the yellows and blues! This quilt is for Chef's Youngest!

With our cutting instructions in hand, we cut and separated the different pieces into baggies labelled, "A", "B", "C", etc.

When we arrived to sew, were would be given more clues. The first hour would have us sewing one piece from bag "A", to another piece in bag "C". The day continued like that as our blocks came together! I am so glad that I didn't know what the finished quilt looked like as I am sure I would have picked out different fabric! Besides, I got to use fabric from my stash and I only had to buy backing fabric!

Here are the backs to our quilts! I love how The Youngest put one stripe of that gorgeous floral off-set to one side!

I found the backing to my fabric from Connecting Threads. The total for the back was $20! You can't beat that! The quilts are totally reversible, so if you are having a day where you want it a bit "quieter" you can always flip it over!

These are the fronts! Mine first and then The Youngest's.

75x75 approx

 75x75 approx

With this weekend being the long weekend, I sat with my meds on a side table along with boxes of tissues, constant fluids and the quilt on my lap while I hand stitched the binding to the back. The Youngest had finished hers long ago, but Tuesday they are both being delivered to Heritage Park Quilt Festival! The above quilt is The Youngest's second quilt in the Festival! I am so very happy that she likes quilting!

As for Chef and the Youngest, a hearty thank you for digging through my stash for Chef's Youngest's quilt! It turned out great! All that's left are labels for both and they will be ready for delivery!

I'll leave you with a few more photo's!

Happy Quilting Everyone!
In anticipation of Canada's holiday tomorrow - Happy Victoria Day!



Cath said...

What a fabulous design and I love the colours and fabrics chosen!

Anonymous said...

Those are amazingly bright and beautiful. That was a mystery day well spent. How lovely to have that to share with your own daughter.