Saturday, May 16, 2015

Ugh! Binding

Well I do love to hand stitch, but having to wrestle the quilt all around is not my favorite, but sitting and stitching the binding by hand to the back is my absolute favorite thing of the whole quilting process! Especially when it's fun fabric like this!

One of the other things that I always struggled with is how do you get all the binding on without having a mess of a binding pile next to your chair? I know some people wind it around the foot of their extension table of the sewing machine...then someone said to wing it over your shoulder while you feed it onto the top of the quilt as you sew. I was thinking that I hated both ideas! I have to find something that would 1. not cost any money, 2. was easily at hand and 3. worked to unwind the meters/yards of binding so it wouldn't tangle! I remember having to stop and untwist the binding so I could continue sewing! That is until:

You got it! an empty toilet paper roll! This my friends is is 26 feet of binding. Now the next question was "where the heck to you put this? Do you let it roll along the floor at  your feet? " No! Then I'd have the same problems I had before. I know this isn't a bid deal and I am sure that along the way someone will develop a "Binding Assist Tool"

This seems to work fine!

I have my set of chopsticks and skewers -- which by the way are great tools to turn tubes and make corners nice and pointy! My oldest made this great ceramic holder for all my things...scissors, pins, and chopsticks of course! I was able to put my toiler paper tube with my binding over the chopsticks and it was slick I tell you! unwound perfectly while I was stitching that binding around the gigantic quilt! 

It may not be the prettiest "tool", but it sure worked exactly the way I wanted it! I even had left overs that I was able to save and put into my basket of all the other leftover binding! I always have extra, and make extra on purpose so I don't have an excuse for those little projects!

One of the other things I always hated was using pins to mark the last quarter inch so I can turn my binding around the corners. A quick solution to this was the tape  you use for marking rulers! A nice quarter inch that's easy to see! You can use it over for all your corners and not worry about being inaccurate in those corners. I could easily stop in the exact place I wanted to without squinting as to where a pin was.

Just so you don't think I am boycotting "tools" - I did order the Superior Threadholder from Mass Drop! It was a great deal, so I didn't hesitate to get it! I love that it has an adjustable arm and also a way to hold all different types of spools! I didn't struggle once with my thread tangling or toppling over when Tigger decides to squeeze through places he shouldn't be!

Oh and a PS to the Youngest one....I cut the binding at 2" and it fit's just perfect! That is my new go to number!

Believe it or not - there is a You Tube video on how this thread stand can be used. It was probably the best little video that really showed me a lot about this tool. You know how you just "have to" have a "tool" and by the time you get it home, you forget about all the capabilities? Just another reminder to me to check out those tools as well on You Tube and see if I can get more use out of them!

This morning, I sewed the last bit of binding on the machine. Good thing, as I have a horrible cold. I'm now all set up with my box of kleenex, drink, snacks, thread and the quilt.... hand stitching the binding to the back! It's soothing the soul and I get to look at the wonderful fabric for the binding! I am hoping that on this long weekend, we may have a sunny day so that I take photo's of the finished quilt! It goes into Heritage Park Quilt Festival on Tuesday -- so I have my work cut out for me!

Enjoy the long weekend to all my Canadian Friends and Happy Quilting to you all!



Cath said...

Hello Margo, you have a couple of clever tips there. I don't like to stick my binding on the leg of my extension table either.....the quilt still gets in the way of that. I have a Bernina and there is an extra thread holder on top at the back. I find that is the perfect place for my binding and I can pull some length without it getting caught up on anything. We all find ways around things that annoy us and I am glad you found a way that works for you. ;)

Margo said...

Hi Cath! That's the one downside of my Babylock is it doesn't have a thread holder that is horizontal! You brought up a great point about what to look for when you are buying a machine! Thread holders!

Anonymous said...

Very clever fix to the problem. It doesn't get tangled on me, so I haven't worried about it yet. I just did a huge quilt for my son and have no memory of any problems. I'll remember this in case I do, though! I got the Superior thread holder when I ordered my Aurifil cones. It is one great tool!