Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Day 37 post Thumb surgery recovery

Hi All! I just got home from the hospital! PIN IS OUT! Thank you God!  -- fingers are not moving the way I want. Surgeon was surprised with bruising, but not surprised about the swelling. He said everything else is great. I did hold my breathe when the surgical pliers came out trust me..they look the same as any other pliers! Chef watched as I did my Lamaze breathing that was used 26 years ago! Chef said it was like watching someone pull out nails from a baseboard haha! My physiotherapist kept me focused on breathing! Thank you Vanessa!


The titanium  pin is as long as those flowered quilting pins! LOL I told him I wanted to keep it!

My splint has been cut to expose my wrist for more movement but to immobilize the base of the thumb.

I have exercises now 4 times a day and massaging the tissues. I am sure it will help with my skin! Amazing how limited my motion is just 5 weeks out. I'm on the upswing now, or so physio says!

I have cold sensation waves that come and go through the whole hand. Like a flush...for a few seconds. No response to my mentioning it.

Still left-handed typing -- but I am hoping physio will help me get back to my normal! This one handed stuff is for the birds! I feel like I have to hunt and peck! I have been watching my videos on Craftsy and browsing anything quilty! most times it's Pinterest because I can just click on the photo's and get to the websites! My favorites have grown exponentially.

Tigger of course is keeping close tabs on me! He literally follows me everywhere. Chef wakes up in the morning and comes downstairs - Tigger still waits for me to get up before he moves!

Chef is feeding me nutritious meals and helping with literally everything! I'm still having trouble pulling up my pants on my own. He says he doesn't mind! Oh Boy! I'd better get a handle on that before I head back to work!
The Youngest  has some quilting news to share this weekend, so stay tuned!

Thanks to all of you for your encouraging emails! I couldn't have done this without my family and of course my quilting friends! I hope that my journey about my surgery gives you good information in the event you have to go through this. No regrets!

Happy Quilting everyone!


Anonymous said...

That pin is amazingly long! I don't blame you for keeping it, though. A little memento of your fun times. =) I hope the healing speeds up now. I remember you saying the massage wasn't comfortable with the pin in. Is it better now?

Margo said...

Hi Susan! It is most definitely easier to massage! One day at a time! I was absolutely going to keep that pin LOL!