Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Surgery update and project to come!

Next project....last time I sewed the pieces still in the machine from before surgery!..and design wall ready for The Youngest to come help put the blocks together!

Little Man came to help this past weekend and helped Grandpa make pizza for supper. He also went to fetch ice packs for me and said, "Don't worry Nana! You now have three hands! One you have and two of mine! See! Three!" How can anyone not adore this Little Man? Adorable!

Today, Aug 5 - back to hospital to remove the last of the stitches. Now instructions to massage the "S" incision and don't touch the pin. I am 22 days post surgery. Waiting to get the feeling back in my thumb and be able to move the fingers more. Lots more to go, but feeling quite positive it will come along in time. This one or two right finger typing sucks!

My change in splints was night and day! The old splint was resting on the incision site. X-rays were taken and I was re-examined by another surgeon on duty -- everything still in place. A new splint was made and I am going to have the pin in now for an additional day. Still no using left hand, REST - ICE - COMPRESSION (the splint) - ELEVATION.

 I'll update again when I have more energy! I miss touch typing and I remind myself daily that I will recover and be good as new!  Happy Quilting All! I'll be clicking and reading your blogs!



Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for the extra pain! That's going to be a lovely scar someday, but right now, it looks painful. I empathize with your not being able to do the things that are normal for you. That Little Man is adorable, as well as helpful and useful to have around. You're a step closer, anyway!

Margo said...

Thanks Susan! I've been living through your blog and dreaming about the quilts I will soon be making! Keep up the great work! The Little Man is a sweetie for sure! Lois from had this surgery on top of carpel tunnel surgery! Yikes! The blogging community has been incredibly supportive...least you all encourage me to tough it out and gives me a chance to plan for more quilts!