Saturday, June 3, 2017

Heritage Park Quilt Festival 2017 - part 1

Mom and I are starting something of a tradition of going to the Heritage Park Quilt Festival.
I truly enjoy walking around the grounds and looking at all the projects. It is so inspiring to see the different patterns and colour combinations of other quilters.

I always leave with a goodie bag full of new projects, fabrics, gadgets, and so much more.

This year two of my good friends joined us at the festival. Both are new to sewing and are very talented. I am sure they have "whipped up" more than 10 quilts between them and they both only started quilting towards the end of 2016. How fantastic, I do believe the quilt bug has bit them. 

Many say quilting is a lost art and that it is slowly dieing out. Especially when it is so easy to go to the big box stores and buy a factory made quilt for a fraction of the price.

Now it may be less popular and geared to a different generation however Mom and I are doing our best to entice as many people as we can to give quilting a try. 

All the girls from Moms Irish Chain Quilt class pitched in and got her a cute thank you present.
My Mom was so shocked that the girls thought of her as you can see by the smile on here face.
She opened this before we went down to the grounds. This was a good way to start our day.

Mom, Me & B 
The mandatory Selfie


Dog Gone Cute
Pattern by: Sew Fresh Quilts


I took a picture of the above quilt and sent it to my Husband. I said there was a perfect quilt here for him. He has a deep love for the band Gun's n' Roses. I think this quilt fits!


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