Saturday, March 16, 2013

Worldwide Quilting Day

Well today is the day for "official" quilting! I had great intentions of doing the same, but I had some other priorities on my plate that involved sewing! Two of my family members are having some major health issues. My niece (one of only two) is in the hospital for the past two weeks. She's been really sick and they have been tossing the idea around that she "may" have lymphoma, and then in the next breath they say their tests are "inconclusive". With that said, I needed to cheer her up a bit and made a pillowcase last week -- and another this week with her favorite colour -- blue. Now within days, my mom is going in for heart surgery. She as well will need cheering up, so I made a pillowcase for her.

The fabrics are funky, but at least they are different enough to make those ugly hospital sheets go away a bit! I have stitches on my Symphony that I haven't tried and I thought that it would be a nice touch to put a little decorative touches on them. The batik pillow is a bit dark for my liking, but it's what I had around. The other pillowcase that I made for my niece last week was quite a bit brighter, so this is again another bit of a change. As for my mom's -- I thought a bit of greenery would be good. I know I need the practice! What better than to do it on something small!

I hope you all had a wonderful day "quilting" or stitching!

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