Thursday, April 25, 2013


Warning ... there are LOADS of photo's. I am hoping that the photo's will give you a step by step look as to how to do this. Don't fret when you do this. Take it slow, one step at a time. Now the quilt police out there will pick this apart, but who cares. This will work out just fine when you do it and you will be thrilled with the results. This is the finish to my Mystery Quilt from Sunday! here we go!

Measure out your final border. Cut your strips to how wide you want them. Measure the full length of your quilt lengthwise then add 3 x additional width of your strip to the length of your strip (i.e. your last border is 8" -- and the length of your quilt is  100" -- you will need a strip 124" long (100+8+8+8) I am NOT a math wizard, and I don't know how else to explain it like the quilt police -- but I also want enough so that I don't cut myself short. If you are cutting 8" strips x the WOF (width of fabric) -- you will need three 8" strips that you will need to sew together to make one long strip. I don't measure precisely -- if it's a bit longer, that will work too. You can always cut the extra off.

Mark the center of your quilt with  a pin

mark your border piece in the center with a pin. Start pinning the border to the whole width of the fabric from the center to the edge. From center to the right and then from the center to the left.

You will sew this strip on all the way EXCEPT you are going to leave a 1/4" from each edge. Make sure when you start your stitching (1/4" from the edge) that you take a couple of extra stitches to secure your start.

You will sew your next strip down. Make sure that you move your other strip out of the way so that you don't sew down into it. Remember you are going to leave 1/4" gap on each side again.

When you start your stitching, bring up your bobbin thread to the top. Hang onto these babies so that you don't get a rat's nest on the underside. (you can tuck them under the foot once you take a couple of secure stitches --meaning you are stitching in the same spot for three times, or itty-bitty little stitches so your stitching doesn't pull out)

When you are done stitching the two sides, this is what it will look like.

You then fold your borders right sides together and your quilt top at a forty five degree fold. Remember, if  you mess this up, you only have a bit of stitching to un-stich. This is the WORST/HARDEST part, but once you get one corner done you will be patting yourself on the back and giving someone the High Five!

You are going to now mark your stitching line. Pay attention to where your stitching on your borders stopped, because that is where you are going to begin stitching for the next step.

You are making a stitching line and you are NOT adding a 1/4". You will note the ruler lines up with the edge of the folded quilt.

Don't trim any fabric, YET.... mark and then start sewing.

It's easy to put this under your machine, hand lower your needle to the right spot. You can see where I am pointing is where I am stitching. It's a bit thicker here because you have folded the fabric, but it can be done!

When you have finished stitching, take it out of your machine and unfold it. Make sure that your corners match up. If not, un-stitch your stitching and start over again with folding. You will only have to undo stitching ONCE and you will be a PRO! Have faith!

When you are satisfied with your corner, you can then trim the extra fabric! Remember, this is where you add a 1/4" outside of the seam. Make sure that you measure twice and cut once! You want to make sure that you cut outside of the stitching line (away from the fold in the quilt)

Turn your quilt to the wrong side and press open your seam. Your border will lay nice and flat with this method.

Do your final press and VOILA! Beautiful borders!

Happy Quilting everyone! I'll post a photo of this once all the quilting is done!

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