Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Binding fabric choices are so confusing ...and so are the backs

I've been browsing all those wonderful blogs to see what the trends are with binding. Some people do a matching binding. The fabric will match borders, strips or lattice. Sometimes people use totally off-color fabric, or they piece multiple pieces together. Others don't even add a binding, or pull the backing fabric to the front to make it look like there is separate binding.

I bought some black and white fabric previously, but it just didn't seem like I had enough. I went to Out of Hand Needle Arts in Calgary ( ). It's too bad their website doesn't match their spectacular shop. Out of Hand Needle Arts is totally "out of hand" when it comes to supplies and fabrics! It is jam-packed with tons of goodies! I found the above Robert Kaufman Night & Day (above) and knew it would be an interesting match to my daughters quilt once it was done! It's quite overwhelming, but if you are using bits of it, I think it adds some visual interest to the quilt itself don't you think? (photo below shows the basic colors of the quilt that's off to Queen B Quilting to be quilted!)

My little leaf wall hanging is next on the list to be free-motion quilted, but I wanted a fabric on the back that matched the muted colors on the front. Although the piecing of the front is with Bali charms, I wanted to go with the same colors. This bolt caught my eye when I saw it on the shape, but when I unrolled it and saw cabbage on the back I had to laugh! I love cabbage! But I know quite a few people that don't! Good thing it's going onto the back! I figured it was busy enough to allow for a few of my boo-boo's when I start quilting! Should be interesting!

What fabric do you put on the back? Do you spend tons of money on the backing? Do you use sheets? Do you use re-cycled material? Do you piece your back as well? Do you use flannel? Minky? Tell me your great ideas....and Happy Quilting!


Beverly said...

I love to use interesting bindings, such as your black and white. I always cut them on the bias. Fold that black and white diagonally and see how it makes the design even more interesting. I LOVE stripes cut on the bias also. Those diagonal stripes that have come out won't work. I try to choose a binding that coordinates but pops also.
For backings: I really dislike piecing the back so often choose wide material...when the top is finished I am eager to move on. Sometimes I have used up leftover pieces of the quilt material to at least piece a strip for down the back and love how interesting it looks.

Margo said...

Hey Beverly! I tried your suggestion on some baby quilts I just made! I used some black on white text (sewing words) and changed the direction so the finished binding only shows the "letters"! thanks for your great idea!