Sunday, April 14, 2013

Playing with thread

This is the first time that I am trying to work with thread as an embellishment to my quilt top. I have no idea how it will hold up when it's all quilted. I also tried machine applique for the first time a while back with this. I used a lightweight fusible for the leaves and I wasn't sure how the thread would go through. I'll have you know it was just fine! There was no sticking or slowing my Symphony down. I used my darning foot as in free-motion with the thread. It gave me a little more time to think about how I want to quilt this wall hanging.

I used Wonderfil Rayon thread (40 wt. variegated col #8227) in both the top and bobbin. I used a small zigzag with my darning foot as though I was free-motion quilting.

Eventually I'll get the knack of this, but with quilting, new techniques are only proof that you are learning and growing your creative abilities. Some of the leaves are horrid, but then again that gives it character! (especially as I wasn't about to rip out all the threads!) While I stitched away, I was thinking of all my projects that have been sitting there. I am going to work hard on getting my UFO's completed this year so every new project will be exciting. Like the wall hanging above, I'm a bit "OCD", thus the name of the quilt! You will notice one of the leaves off in a different direction to the others. I pieced the whole thing with the leaves going the same way. Months later I looked at it and thought how "OCD" it was with everything matching and no difference to it -- thus, in the middle, I took one of the leaves and ripped out the block and re-positioned it! It was my "wild" side saying screw it to have everything "matchy matchy" as my daughter would say! I threw caution to the wind in a small way and turned that sucker! So, if you look at the finished product and see one leaf in a different direction....who really is the one with OCD? :-)

I'm not one of those who likes working on a multitude of projects. I like to start something and finish it, otherwise I feel that I "failed" at the project. I know it's not reality -- and that too I am working on.....embracing projects that are not just quite finished and feeling no anxiety with starting a new one! Maybe it's the way I was brought up! You start something and you finish it! Hah! Well, I'm getting over that in a hurry -- especially when it comes to my quilting!

How are you with piecing? Can you stand the "mistakes" or are you a perfectionist that wants to rip it out until it's perfect? Are you the type of person that will do it over and over again until it's perfect?

I know one thing for sure... Tigger doesn't care how much time I spend in the studio. He just loves hanging around! Good thing I wasn't pressing too much today!

I think he was worried that I was going to give him the heave-ho! He had his forehead buried in the board seconds before this, but as soon as my flash click on he pulled up his head!

Good thing it's a snow day -- more time for quilting! Have a great one!

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