Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Quilter's injuries

Ok so it may not be a quilter's injury -- but most likely from typing for 45+ years! It makes me wonder what this new generation will be facing with their games, texting, iPod'ing, all that stuff. Communication is no longer just picking up the phone and speaking in person. I miss a lot of that old type of communication -- but I love meeting people through blogs as well as classes.

I have been taking a break from quilting for a couple of weeks as I have arthritis in my thumb joints. My left hand was so bad it ached constantly. My grandson grabbed my thumb to pull himself up and I thought I would pass out! Thus....I went for a cortisone injection. The injection was to help ease the pain of the joints pushing together..but it lasted for a couple of days and then's back. Sucks. That's all I can say! Getting old sucks! ha ha!

So this weekend, I am getting some new-to-me furniture in the sewing room. I'll be busy organizing, and re-organizing! That in itself is exciting!

So thanks for checking out my blog! Keep sewing and let me know what you are doing --- it will keep me motivated and work towards getting some piecing under the machine again!


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