Thursday, June 5, 2014

Flower Wednesday..... a little late!

Well of course I have been busy this week...and have managed to drop a button on my blog. I am learning slowly! I have to say I am fine that I have managed to add a little more to my garden with the help of my fellow gardeners! Thank you all for the encouragement! I sure do appreciate it!

I thought I could add them to the screen of my sewing room and look out at the gorgeous crabapple tree! Those blossoms are only there this week and by next it will be full of beautiful green leaves! The more flowers, the more apples to pick in the Fall! 

And....while I was sewing...these three cool dudes were hanging out together! lol.... Pretending they didn't notice me with the camera! 

Happy gardening all!


Karen said...

Fabulous photo of your flowers! And, they are three very cool dudes.

Hilachas said...

Yep, I've posted my flowers on Thursday a few times, haha. Love your flowers, such pretty colors.

Quilting Momma said...

Thanks! My daughter wanted a garden of many different colors! One flower at a time! Thanks for your encouragement!

Quilting Momma said...

I can barely wait to see your's! Very pretty!

Anonymous said...

Quilting Momma: I must first of all say that your blog site is wonderful to read and to look at. It feels as though you are just having a conversation with your blog followers as if we are right there. I truly admire all the beautiful things you have made on your quilting projects. A talented person for sure!

Quilting Momma said...

Awww! Thanks Anonymous Marg from work!! One day I WILL get you behind a sewing machine! So great...that is when you have the time. Thanks for all the encouragement and your compliments when I "Show and Tell"!

Thanks for your comments! We are all here to learn, so kudo's and comments on how to improve are always welcome! I try my best to keep up my blog, but in real life, work and family take over! Happy quilting everyone!