Sunday, July 6, 2014

Baby Baby Baby!

I feel like the little Quilting Fairy! I was preparing for the baby shower my niece was having today! She's the sister of my other niece who is having her baby girl any day now! I sewed until 1:00 a.m. this morning and then back at it this morning to finish off the binding. I had no idea what to do, but thought that some charm squares (baby type) would be great! Then I thought, Oh a Square in a Square, until I figured I should have thought about different color strips surrounding each square. I had sewn on two white strips along two sides when I realized I should have the same color all the way around! Now you all know how much I hate "un-sewing", so I improvised and added pink strips to the other sides and randomly turned the completed blocks. It's a nice size quilt for the crib, and will be great to have out on the lawn in those lazy summers days when the house is too hot! .  (It is about 44" x 44").

I didn't have a chance to wash it and fluff it up after quilting and binding it. It isn't as "rumpled" as fresh washed quilts -- but I had to wrap it and head to the Baby Shower!

The back I pieced and I love the touch of pink that showed on the bottom which I used as a label as I was running out of time!

Every odd charm square, I placed a little free-motion flower -- hopefully they will puff up nice once it's washed. Slowly, but surely my free-motion will improve the more I do. Practice makes perfect they say! I need a LOT of practice! Thank heavens babies are not related to the Quilt Police! 

Next project is finishing off the baby boy airplane quilt. Hopefully I can get that done by the end of next weekend.

Following project is a quick I-Spy quilt for Chef's great niece that was born in May.

I'm a "little" behind, but with these blankets, they get dragged around for better late than never! I think after this bout, I will have to make a few for stand by gifts -- now that I'm getting into the groove of quilting!

Happy Quilting everyone! 

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