Thursday, July 17, 2014

Forest Fires and Babies?

This is what is happening near Banff -- which is an hour and a half from Calgary, my home town. The smoke is billowing into the city and our vacation plans are bust! I am quite happy to have day trips and Porcha-Back-Yarda if the smoke dissipates, but am so incredibly sad for Banff and area. Banff is the tourist mecca of Alberta. It is absolutely incredibly beautiful!

Send prayers out to all those fighting the fires.

Good news today though! I am officially a GREAT AUNTIE! Remember the quilt I was stitching into the early part of a baby shower a couple of weeks ago? Well she has arrived safe and sound as of 1 pm or so this afternoon! I can barely wait to hold her!

 Ayanna and her Mommy are all tuckered out! She arrived weighing 7 lbs 11 ounces and 21 inches long. She's half Hungarian and half Jamaican! I guess I better start making cute little pink things! It's been a long two days -- but both are healthy! Congrats to my Niece and her husband! You've waited a long time for her and we couldn't be happier for you all!

This Great Auntie is tuckered out as well! It's been a day full of a lot of emotions... ups and downs... so off I go to my happier place... checking up on all of your blogs to see what great things you are all creating!

Happy Quilting everyone!


carla said...

Hi!! Hope it is clearing there now... such destruction... Your great niece is a beauty!!!! It is wonderful that she and Momma are doing well!!!! Thank You

Carla said...

She's perfect! Thanks so much for commenting on my giveaway. You have no email on your profile , so I'm thanking you here ; )