Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Hexie Wednesday!

Can you believe it? I actually am posting on a Wednesday! Sadly, I am going to let my hexies go for the summer as we finally have some wonderful weather! I thank all of you for following along and encouraging me! I WILL pick it up again in September! I promise!

So for this week, I sewed up the last hexie and I no longer have any hexies (to match that is) to sew together.

You know what that means? I AM GOING SHOPPING! hee hee! I love all different fabrics! I keep looking for things that catch my eyes!

I'll keep looking all you hexie lovers up and follow your progress! Keep on stitching! Maybe one day we will be able to show off our beautiful hand pieced hexie-quilts!

Happy Quilting!


Karen said...

Yes, going shopping! lol. Enjoy the summer, September will be here soon enough.

My Sister Made Me Do It.... said...

I have enjoyed seeing you on OFW but I totally understand that nice weather pull! I am enjoying watching the birds and the turtles and all the nice things in my backyard and it is hard to come inside even to sew!

Margo said...

Thanks ladies! I may have to change plans.... our province is on fire...seriously! You should see the smoke here in Calgary and north of us in Edmonton they are having ash raining down. Sooooooooooo...I may be in the house .... making MORE hexies! :-) Great for Hexies...not go great for the continued fires! We just finished a huge storm with golf ball sized hail - good thing they missed my house! My plants are still surviving!