Wednesday, August 27, 2014

10 Quilty Little Secrets

I think it all started out with 13 Spools , then it went to Mollie Sparkles ,  then  to Quilting Jet Girl and  Wombat Quilts and on and on! Somewhere along the line I wrote down my 10 Quilty Little Secrets -- but I have no idea where. Thank you to the author who started the 10 Quilty little Secrets (I think it was 13 Spools! please correct me if I am wrong)

I re-worked my list and here it is!

1. I NEVER wash my fabric, even if it's red! I wash it at the end with a color catcher and rinse wth vinegar. DONE!

2. I rarely use pins unless it's intricate. I like EASY....and yes I "accidentally" sew over pins.

3. Am I the only one that doesn't gravitate to those "new" lines and fabrics? If I like it, I buy it!

4. I am really bored with blogs that are full of advertisements. I want to SEE what everyone is making!

5. I really find it hard not to iron when they say PRESS.

6. I can bet if you can't tell by looking at a quilt, what machine that person used. You can't tell whether it was sewn on a Singer, Bernina, Babylock, Brother, Juki, or whatever.  If you take care of your machine and you know how to use it ( CAN adjust the tension, etc.) your work will show as great as if it was done on a mega-dollar machine!

7. I have never had a Bernina user not look down their nose at people who do not "own" a Bernina. I seriously hope that changes one day!

8. I think fabric shops should have a separate area for husbands or those who are not into "quilting". A nice place where they can enjoy a cup of coffee and browse through some "non-quilty" magazines and maybe have a home-made cookie! Can you imagine the sales??????

9. I love hand sewing my binding and feel it's the best finish for a quilt that you worked hard on.

10. I am not an expert and I don't personally know any "Quilt Police". Maybe they don't bother with me. I have seen them in action though, especially at shows where they comment on quilts that are not up to par. It makes me sad. Maybe the quilt they are tearing apart is the very FIRST quilt for the quilter. Maybe that quilter is learning a new technique. Remember, that to the recipint of the quilt, the only thing that matters is that quilt will wrap them like a hug those "not so perfect stitches" won't even be noticed. The whole quilt will remind them of how much love was put into each stitch. ("Quilty Police" maybe that person is standing behind you when you comment. Your words can destroy an up and coming quilter.)  Yes, I have seen some of those quilts and I thank God that they put it in the show! Bravo! I have heard those Quilty Police tear apart my quilt, but I just chalked it up to their own ignorance. Every quilt you put in will get better and better! I am sure you put as much love, sweat and tears into your quilting just as much as an expert quilter!

So? are you up to the challenge? Let me know what your little secrets are!


Sandra said...

I so agree with your #3, #4, #6, #8 and #10.

Margo said...

They always say if you point fingers !you always have fingers pointing back at you! Thus I need to pay attention to my own quilty secrets! ha ha

Anonymous said...

It's so sad we don't live in the same town! I agree with everything you said, and I just know we'd be friends. =) I buy what I like, and I could care less how new it is, who endorses it, or who else buys it. My favorite online shop has a lot of $5/yd. fabric because they buy LAST year's leftover lines, and I LOVE that shop and ALWAYS find something there I want. My dream is to go there in person one of these days!

Margo said...

I agree...I don't care how old or new it is, or endorses it. I've had some great buys online. I have ordered fat quarters from Keepsake Quilting from their past lines and boy did it bulk up my stash! Was a great buy! $5 a yard is a great buy! Care to share the shop?

Margo said...

Thank you all for your emails! I'll try and respond to them all when I get a chance! You are all great!

Laney said...

I really enjoyed reading your list! I totally agree about the quilting police! And can I just say that I own a Bernina and I do not look down on anyone who does not? I just wanted a machine that would do more than my decades old one and I wanted a brand would be serviced locally. It just so happened that the local sewing center in my small town sells and services Bernina. I love it but I see beautiful quilts made on all kinds of machines. So can we be friends? ;)

Margo said...

Thanks Laney! Maybe you will be the one to encourage all those other Bernina owners to smile upon the rest of us! Of course we can be friends! But the second you give me lip about your Bernina! That's it! lol Let me know when you post your own 10 little quilty secrets! I've had so much fun reading them all!