Sunday, August 10, 2014

Family? or Quilting?

Isn't she beautiful? I think I'd rather be holding her than fabric.... in time my friends, I will be back again with my little addition to blog land! Meantime I am reading you all when I can and holding this wee one! My grandson declared, "I AM the best-est big cousin ever!" I think he was a bit scared of how little she really was. He held her so tenderly! His serious face shows how especially important his task was! He was so serious he barely moved his eyes, never mind give us a smile! 

Happy quilting everyone! I'll show you next time what I found on my travels!



Anonymous said...

Family, definitely! What a precious picture of the two of them!

Margo said...

He doesn't look too impressed from the photo, but he sure was happy to meet his new little cousin! Thanks for visiting!

Lana said...

She looks like a doll...oh beautiful indeed!