Saturday, August 2, 2014

Quilting? or something else?

I am starting two weeks of vacation...with hopes of travelling, but we have the fires in B.C. Then we thought about headed to Montana, but we have a son living with us who "forgets" to lock the doors or leaves the keys "in" the door. Then we have the little man above! How can you resist the glee on a child's face when he discovers his uncles superhero's tucked away?

So, the Chef and I will be doing the Porcha-back-yarda for this year and enjoying what we have right here at home. Maybe a day or two fishing nearby?  Perhaps we can sneak a trip for fabric?

Hope you all have a wonderful summer if I don't happen to post again for a bit!

Stay tuned.... before you know it, Fall will be here and the machines will be humming once again!

Happy Quilting!


Anonymous said...

If the something else is family, that's always first. Hope you get to a quilt shop, though, and have fun on the back porch. =)

Margo said...

Thanks for that! Family always comes first. We want to enjoy every minute that we can! Quilting will come soon enough!