Sunday, February 1, 2015

A new quilter in our midst!

My beautiful niece came over to do some sewing. I found a really cute little Minky baby blanket kit that would be an easy starter project for her! You can see she's focused and sewing away! So proud of this new Momma! She's making a baby blanket for her new little one to drag around the house. I am sure the little one will cherish it forever! I, myself have never sewn with Minky. Had I, the choice of a starting project would have been much different. With patience and lots of pins, she did a fantastic job! Taking it slow helped with stabilizing it so it didn't slip around a whole lot!

Lucky us! Chef and I got to watch over the little one! She looks so serious in the below photo with her Momma behind the machine and watching intently as Great-Auntie sets her up for the photo! Her hair is absolutely adorable. We love her to pieces! What a blessing to have them less than 5 minutes away! While I was instructing Momma, the little one was with Great-Uncle and we could hear him singing to her! Now some of "Old MacDonald's" animals were a bit out of this snakes and dinosaurs, but the little one loved every word!

Her newest is sucking in her bottom lip! She's pretty proud of herself being able to sit up by herself! Here she is with her new finished blankie by her Momma!  I am so proud of my niece! She stuck with it and did a great job! It's so nice to be able to do something and go home with a finished project! She was such a great student as well! Our next project may be pillows, or a couple of kerchief bibs for Little Miss!

Funny how these little one's pick things up. Someone has been coughing around her and she's now imitating a little cough. Makes us laugh. She's discovered her voice as well. It's gone from a whisper to a screech! Oh, I so remember those days! Makes me smile!

As for me -- it's Super Bowl day! We are watching the pre-game and within seconds THE game will start!Happy quilting all!

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Anonymous said...

How weird! I missed this post! What an adorable baby you have in your life. So nice to pass along those skill and share what you know. It's always great to have a sewing buddy!