Saturday, February 14, 2015

How do you say "I love you"

How do YOU say "I love you"?
Enter Fons & Porter Valentine's day contest here

The rules are posted on the link -- this is my entry:

  1. Send me a picture of the quilt you’ve created that you’re most proud of. It can be an original design or an interpretation from one in a publication.
  2. Tell me why you love it so much. --  It was my first paper-piece project. Once I got 10 blocks done, I was exhausted already! I think it was because there was so much more going on in my life -- divorce -- court battles -- moving -- going back to school! It wasn't  necessarily the technique of building this block! The blocks and remaining pieces were put away in a box and to be hauled around from one place to the next! It took 12 years before it saw the day of light -- after divorce, graduating school, kids grown up, and a new love in my live who gifted me with a new sewing machine! The small bits of fabric from my grandson's quilt, or the piece of fabric from my new love's quilt, even the "dark time" fabric that my ex would say was a waste of money! With every piece I remembered my journey. The different fabrics reminded me of my children growing up, my ex, as well as new grandchildren, and memories of the FARTs --[Fabric Acquisition Road Trips] with my new love!  While sewing, I would remember the painful past, but learned how to forgive and move onto the new with grace.  It is the quilt I am most proud of and love. I couldn't think of a better person to dedicate it to -- my oldest daughter on her 30th birthday! I think she gave up on it ever being finished, but when I placed it in her arms we both shed a tear or two! It was a journey -- one that reminds me that through everything we experience, we can mold something beautiful!
  3. Give me a short description of how you made it– techniques, tools, templates. I want the dirty. If you remember which magazine it came from, let me know. This quilt was started in 1996 from a pattern by Karen K. Stone "Lady Liberty Goes to Hawaii" that my oldest daughter fell in love with! The sheer terror of  making all the blocks to fit a queen size bed didn't hold me back! I came up with modifying it by placing borders around the blocks and adding a larger border to the outside. The tree's were to have significance as well. The top number of tree's signify the month my daughter was born in and the bottom would be the date. As for the tree's on the side, I decided to place an equal number to balance the quilt out.
  4. Make sure to include name and location so I can give you credit. My name is Margo Brown, Calgary, Alberta Canada - completed 2013. Quilting completed by Karen Morrison of Airdrie, Alberta
If you want to enter the contest -- make sure you send an email with your answers to  .

Last -- but not least... HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! May you all have a wonderful day doing what you love with the one's you love! 

Happy Quilting everyone!


Anonymous said...

And is that the one you love the most? I certainly love it!

Margo said...

The far! Looking forward to many more!