Sunday, February 15, 2015

WIP -- Progress!

It all started with this yesterday.....
  then this for dinner        

then we watched a couple of movies, napped, watched some more movies and then to bed! Hah! Happy Valentines Day! I had a pijama day! Was wonderful!

Today was a totally different story! 
I started cutting out the pieces for my son's quilt -- the pieces will be going to be to Retreat!

Then to press all those 1/2 triangles!

...while Mr. Tigger was snoring away!

Now a whole pile to put together!

I have been taking things easy with my left hand. Cutting has been slow and steady. Not piling too many layers together, and sliding my hand up the ruler while I cut with the opposite hand. Cutting, then piecing, then pressing, then back to a bit more cutting, etc. Breaking it all up seems to help a lot!

Chef has been prepping a turkey dinner! I love turkey! The smells have been wafting up to the studio to the point that I just HAD to quit and come closer to the kitchen! Hah! No worries! He'll put me to work setting the table!

Have a wonderful weekend all! We get one more day of weekend here in Alberta -- Monday is a statutory holiday called Family Day! The family is all scattered all over doing their thing, but it gives me another day to work in the studio! To all my U.S. friends -- happy President's Day!

Happy Quilting all!

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Anonymous said...

Your dinner smells good all the way down here in TN! =) I hope today was just as productive - love your blocks.