Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Youngest - Edition #4

Okay Okay I know I have put it off long enough it is time to paint the Hungarian sewing desk. First to run through my check list: Sanded Check, Primed Checked, Sanity … well that ones in question.
It was recommend by several Do it Yourselfers to use Benjamin Moore – Advance [Satin Finish]. We have a Benjamin Moore paint store in the town so I figured why not go over and chat up the sales staff to see what their take on the proper paint would be.
Turns out the Benjamin Moore – Advance [Satin Finish] is the paint for the job. This specific paint has a lengthy drying time [approximately 16hrs. to full dry & 72 hrs. for a full cure]. The reason this is the best paint for furniture is because of the lengthily drying time which allows for brush strokes to smooth out.
My number one apprehention with this entire project was that the desk would look streaky and like a toddlers finger paint project.
I found out the most common reasons brush strokes are commonly seen on painted furniture: 
1) too much paint was applied at one time
2) The wrong bush is being used
3) The paint is drying to quickly not allowing for the brush strokes to level out prior to drying
Armed with the information to prevent those pesky brush stokes I had a newly instilled confidence that the desk would be a success.
I confidently left the Benjamin more store with a handful of white paint chips. Going off of the newly built shelving in the sewing room "as suggested by the oh so wise BF" the two paint chips that matched the closest were Snowfall White and Chantilly Lace. I decided to go with the regal Chantilly Lace. (Top colour in the picture below)

Armed with my DIY research my BF and I painted the first coat of Chantilly Lace. After we "patiently" waited 16ish hours for the paint to dry I just had to see the desk in its new home. So I made my loving BF help me carry it into the sewing room. I have to say I am pleased as punch with how it looks after just one coat of paint.
Best advice thus far from the DIY bloggers – Use good paint!!!


Anonymous said...

Why don't we have stuff and paint store staff like the above here???

Anonymous said...

I was lucky to get the right staff on the right day, Plus I think it helped that I came prepared with all my "bob Villa/ google" questions. Ps. where's here? - The Youngest