Saturday, July 25, 2015

11 days post surgery - Basal thumb arthroplasty with tendon interposition

Post with the assistance of The Youngest!

High five just before bandage removal!


Pin is at the top and sutures covered by steri-strips. The pin on top is holding the base of my thumb across to the base of my middle finger. The pin will be removed in another three weeks.

(Really its looking pretty good - not too much blood and gore - The Youngest)

 Hand Comparison
(Left hand with sutures)


Left thumb with pin - no expansion of hand until pin removal -- right hand is expanded. The yellow is bruising.


   Chef took a photo of my new snazzy removable splint!

I've been given strict instructions to keep this on for six weeks until my next re-check. I can only remove for showering; patting dry the incision area. They want me to move the tip of my fingers and move my thumb tip. My thumb is numb to the touch. 

Surgeon said not to panic.

Pain: No more than before surgery, and better most days. Major pain today - more about that later!

Meds: Last T3 with codeine was the day after surgery. Most days nothing. Once every couple of days I may have taken 2 extra strength Tylenol. I have been able to kept it under control with ice.

Sleep: I only wake up to re-position my hand when it's sore. 

Quilting/typing/using left hand: absolutely NO - The surgeon will review after I attend physio after six more weeks. No using my left hand other than moving fingers. Continue immobilization for 6 more weeks.

But all is not lost, the Youngest is going to come over and we are going to sew ... well the Youngest is going to sew I am going to be the one handed presser

(Almost sounds like a carnival act - step right up ladies and gents ... your eyes will be amazed when you see the one and only ONE HANDED PRESSER!! - The Youngest)

Until Next Time !


Anonymous said...

Love the youngest's sense of humor. Bet that's from mom. It looks good, actually. Much better than I imagined. So many things ARE much better than we imagine them to be. Follow directions. =) Six weeks is not too long. Says the lady who doesn't have to stay away from sewing and stitching for that long. =) I hope you have a good stack of reading to catch up on! If you want any suggestions, just ask me. =)

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

OUCh! feel better soon.