Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Youngests - Edition # 3


Well I’m back and all tanned and rested up from our vacation in Palm Springs, California. Two girlfriends and my patient BF went to a 3 day Country music festival “Stagecoach”, it was a blast.

I’m now re-energized and ready to tackle this Hungarian sewing desk. ….. Where did I leave off? Oh right we were all primed and ready!

Now comes the finicky part, the Painting. I have been dreading this part and that may be why we did a whole vacation before we attempted to tackle the painting of the desk. I have been doing everything I could think of besides doing the painting. I even opted one day to clean the washrooms over painting the desk =S
Now it’s down to the final hour and I have to get this desk done. We were living in a bit of chaos with the garage and front room in shambles. I have a somewhat fuzzy idea in my head of what I want this room to look like. The BF and I decided the best plan of attack is to get the cabinetry and then match the paint colour for the desk off of that.
 HI HO HI HO it’s off to IKEA we go – we head into the big city to pick up the cabinetry from IKEA

We all know that putting together IKEA furniture can be like pulling teeth and have caused many divorces hahaha. With that said I am rather impressed with the BF and I. I only had to leave once because I was getting Hangry. Hangry - it means to be angry as a result of being hungry. SO I promptly left the front room whipped up a quick dinner of lemon butter shrimp and rice for the BF and I, problem solved.

After a couple hours, dinner and a visit from our neighbor and their beautiful little girl we finished!Next stop is the paint store but we will leave that for another day. Oh and how could I forget that I need to start filling those shelves with stash =D


Anonymous said...

Hangry! Awesome! :-)

Anonymous said...

So many parts to Ikea products. Lovely though once it is all up. Now you have to fill it with fabric!