Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dog Gone Cute - Topper

I believe I started this back in November 2015. I stumbled upon the Dog Gone Cute blog hop from Sew Fresh Quilts and it was too cute to pass up.
I have never done a blog hop and this actually was the 1st I have even heard of such a thing. It was too much commitment then what I was ready for so I decided to purchase the pattern and slowly pluck away at it in my own time.

This was the first time I really stepped out of my comfort zone and tackled something so intricate ... well intricate for me. I have read all your blogs don't worry I have seen what intricate really is (there are some amazingly talented quilters our there)

Check out the Dog Gone Cute link up party to see all the other fantastic completed projects. Dog Gone Cute - Link up party blog post - By Sew Fresh Quilts

The above picture was all it took to get me hooked. It draws you in with all its cuteness.
I love Lorna's Sew Fresh Quilts blog her creativity is inspiring. When I tell people I am a quilter a majority of the people assume I make boring "grandma" quilts. As I am just learning most of my quilts thus far have been quite simple however I would never say they are boring.
You can create amazing things out of fabric. After tackling the Dog Gone Cute quilt I am revitalized and willing to take on more daring and shall I say "slightly" more challenging projects. With some coaching & moral support from my Mother of course. 
I have decided that since I have put so much work into this quilt I will be keeping it for myself. There are so many options for backing I will be taking my time selecting the perfect one, possibly a cute modern print. Enough with my rambling check out my Dong Gone Cute topper.
If you would like to purchase this Dog Gone Cute pattern or persuse more adorable patterns from Sew Fresh Quilts you can click this link to the Sew Fresh Quilts Etsy shop.
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-The Youngest-


Margo said...

I LOVE it! You did a great job Morgan! Wait till you see my next project! I'm thinking that maybe you'll jump in and join me! So proud of you! xoxo Your Mom

MB said...
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