Saturday, July 2, 2016

Impulse purchase - Winter Themed Table Runner

Guilty as charged I am an impulse buyer, especially when it comes to fabric that catches my eye. Last year we went to the Heritage Park Quilt Festival where they always have huge tents setup on the grounds with all the new bits and bobbles.

As we were wandering through the vast tents we come up to a display with all these cute mini charm packs. Lately I have been sewing things that use smaller and smaller pieces, so naturally these tiny squares grabbed my attention. On this display they had a bright table runner, very summery.

The next 30 minutes was spent going through all the charm packs to find the perfect ones. My mom selected one with some nice oranges (true to her she went right for the bright ones). I settled on a  winter themed charm pack.

I always head to my Moms with a small tote of all my WIPs, and when I get there I grab the first thing in the tote that strikes my fancy. On this particular day it was the winter themed mini charm packs.

My Mom had already made her table runner months prior so she already knew all the tips &tricks to make this in a jiffy. I beleive I finished the whole thing in one day, binding included.

We spray basted the top and used some left over black script fabric for the back. This was my second time doing the quilting. This was made worlds easier by my Moms amazing sewing machine. I chose to do a nice wave pattern running lengthwise.

I would definitely make this table runner again, it was very simple and most importantly QUICK. This would be a great project for quilting beginners - Highly recommended.



Hope you enjoy the final product as much as I do.
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Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, I like it very much, and that's probably the pack I would have chosen myself! I love that it was done and done in one day! How lucky you two are to have each other to share this passion for quilting!

MB said...

It's funny when I actually find time to sew I feel the need to work until my hands, back & mind can't work anymore. My mom makes fun of me because I will be up in the sewing room from 10am to 10pm just determined to finish what I started.