Saturday, July 23, 2016

Therapy...the way I like it!


It's like he's hanging on for dear life!What better way to do therapy than quilting!

It's been a year since my surgery and I am back at it. Albeit, not in huge chunks of time, but smaller bits -- spread out over days, weeks and months! The biggest challenge I have now is furry lips!

Seriously! How can you resist a guy like this?

I tell him to move and he looks at me like this!


"I'm not in your way honest!"

I am sure that he wants to make sure that I am doing all this right!

It's very sloooooooooooooow stitching. My bad hand is flat, which is a great thing! I just have to guide the fabric around and stitch the outside.

I could feel him purr while he was resting on my arm.

He finally gets off me and just lays next to me as close as possible so that he can touch me a bit.

Yes.....that's the same piece I am working on! Trust me, I'm stitching super slow!

I love this little beaver! There's a raccoon, fox, rabbit, owl, bear to name a few!

I signed up for a Craftsy Class called "Fusible Applique Made Easy" by Wendi Gratz.

I LOVE it! She is such a great instructor and this little quilt is so adorable with the cartoon outlining. Very simple and perfect for this project!

It has really given me a chance to try out some fusible's that I was a little apprehensive about. I feel more confident now that I have had this class and Wendi Gratz makes all of it so simple that any beginner can tackle this class!

Even if you are well-seasoned, you can try out all those fancy stitches to decorate these little woodland wonders!

You can't see it too well in these photo's, but all the squares are pre-quilted. It allowed me to practice my free-motion stitching [which again I need more practice with!] That again, is something that Wendi will walk you through in the class!

I love how the blocks are turning out!

The best thing is that it's already quilted, so it should be a quick job to put together!

This quilt is for our family doctor who is having her first baby! I was so excited for her! She has been key to helping me get back to quilting, so I think it couldn't be better timing to show her how happy I am for the new arrival!

I'll post the whole quilt once I have it completed!

Happy trails everyone!

Check out Craftsy! It's the best bargain for classes and you can view the lessons over and over again! Which in this day and age is pretty spectacular!

Here is the final project! I am dropping it off with my doctor on Wednesday! I hope she loves it as much as I do!

Happy Quilting Everyone!


Jenny said...

That is so nice - pussy really loves you!!

MB said...

What a great blog post - I love seeing Tigger in the sewing room with you =D