Friday, September 21, 2012

A little fabric...can be a POWERFUL thing!

The Little Man has a vision that he is powerful and can save the world! He told me his name was not "Little Man" but was now "Batman!" Thus, while he was in character, I was to address him as "Batman!" Oh the joys of little people!
"Batman" of course needed a cape and mask! What a great little man. Once he showed Grandpa what it looked like, he ran into the studio wrapping his arms around my legs and said "Nana, I love you! Thank you!" :-) was a bit of of fabric and a bit of time..worth EVERY moment behind the machine! I had another baby blanket that I did a couple of years ago. The biggest compliment is when you hear someone say, "she's worn the quilt thin and insists that we snuggle with it under the stars in the summer!" Gotta love the feeling that they've "loved" it so much that it's worn thin!
Tigger of course, thinks that if he looks the other way, no one will see him!
Most of the time he sits beside the machine and watches intently as the fabric glides through the machine. He's a pain though when there is tons of fabric I am moving around and he wants to snuggle down into the folds! One day I hope to learn how to post the blogs on here that I love reading. So many talented people out there that keep me motivated and give me new ideas! My WOP's are growing exponentially as is my stash (slowly but surely!) I was excited to learn how to post photo's on my blog and maybe the rest, ok I am sure the rest will come in time. Happy quilting everyone! If you have any tips to pass along I am a most eager student! Margo

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