Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Cyber" FART!

Fabric Aquisition Road Trip! OK, not quite on the road, but did do some more on-line shopping! Can barely wait for it to arrive! http://www.pinkchalkfabrics.com has been a wonderful new find for "me". I am sure a lot of you found Pink Chalk years ago, but I'm excited to discover this new adventure of blogging and finding all the new trends! I bought the new hexi ruler from Jaybird as well as one of her patterns! What a talented young lady! You can check her out here: http://www.jaybirdquilts.com I am yet to try out the new ruler, but I have a project planned in the next month! Stay tuned! I have also ordered from Hancock's of Paducah as well as Keepsake Quilting. Both of which have been fabulous! I am so pleased with any of the products that I have ordered on line and have not been disappointed. Realize that I am new to ordering anything on line, unlike my adult children who just roll their eyes when I questioned them about the safety and "what if I don't get it and they charge me????" It's all good! Don't get me wrong -- absolutely support your local quilt stores! (When you can!) Realize that a lot of our fabrics in Canada can be double if not triple the price we can order on line.(yes, even though our measurements are a bit bigger than a yard!) If I can make three times the amount of quilts for the price of the cost of ONE here, I am going to order on line. Is that bad? I try to be very budget conscious with my passion. I have been a single mom for far too long being frugal and stretching that dollar as far as it can go. If I can get it here, for a decent price, I do -- however if it's a deal on fabric that I have been drooling over -- you bet I'll order it online! I won't even get into re-cycling fabrics here, because I'll have you know that I've done that as well! So check out Pink Chalk Fabrics, Hancock's and Keepsake or give them a try on line ordering! I can bet that you won't be disappointed! Happy Cyber-Farting!

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