Sunday, September 30, 2012

Two new quilters and a couple of helping hands!

Well Ms. A and Chris were over for finalizing the quilts! As promised, a photo of Ms. A working on her quilt! You would think she's been at a sewing machine for years! She found some great ice cream cone fabric that she backed with some cozy minkee-type fabric. She found with the fabric stretching, but what an amazing outcome! Congrats Ms. A on your first quilt! Has been a honor watching you work on it!
Ms. A was sharing her "secret" with her mom. We managed to get her name and year in the corner and we hid it from Mom until she was done!
The final product was attending a sleepover last night! I am sure it got tons of hugs! Chris was on the final stretch to finish the quilt top with the final border! She did a great job as she "hates" cutting as much as I do! I think a Baby Go is in my future one day! For her first quilt, I am incredibly proud of her! Like I said before, her points, seams and all top notch. I know I didn't do as well as she has on my first quilt. I know without a doubt that her Angel Momma was helping her hands along as they worked on the labour of love.
...and the little "secret" that she was working on for the back (we'll show you later after it's off the longarmer!). No time for photo's of our wonderful lunch! Chris bought a great quinoa salad and Chef Murphy put in a pizza of spinach and goat cheese. We had to fortify ourselves for the final afternoon push! Thanks ladies for allowing me on your quilting journey!
In the afternoon the Little Man joined us and Ms. A watched over him while her mom and I finished up the last bits of quilting. After dinner, Little Man and I went to the basement and dug in the box of Halloween costumes. There are so many things in the basement that need to go, but I just couldn't let go of the costumes that I sewed so long ago. My first sewing machine was a White. I remember so many years ago when the kids were little. My mom and dad had a friend who was going through an incredibly hard cancer journey (I think they are all hard and pray that all cancers will be eradicated!) Anyways, this lady was on her own and my parents were there for her throughout her journey. Through the process, she was trying to get rid of things as she had no children or family. I was the lucky recipient of her White sewing machine. I remember trying my hand at the first Halloween costumes that I made. My eldest was a California Raisin and the two younger ones were Dinosaur's! After the costumes were done, I took all the kids and headed to the hospice to share the costumes with the lady who gave me the White sewing machine. She was thrilled! What an amazing gift she gave me. More than she will ever know! So here's to all those angels up there! For your helping hands, have helped mine! Here's Litte Man in his uncle's costume. I'm guessing it's about 20 years old!
Happy sewing all!

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