Sunday, September 23, 2012

A New Quilter is Born!

This is Chris. Chris is an amazing mom of two who manages all those soccer games, lessons, running a household, taking on all the household errands and works full time. She's a scrapbooker in her "spare" time. Wonderfully creative, I was surprised she wasn't a quilter! Anyways ... to make a long story short, her mom was a quilter. Grandma made Chris' young daughter a quilt and was in the process of making her grandson a quilt when grandma was diagnosed with cancer. It was a rough year and sadly :-( goodbyes had to be said to Grandma. Grandma had a few pieces cut to start a quilt. I think Grandma was whispering in my ear because the thought of that quilt just sitting there couldn't be ignored. Chris agreed to come over and work on her mom's quilt for her son. Grandma had cut pieces with cardboard templates. Pieces were cut, but we couldn't determine what block Grandma had planned, but Chris said her mom loved stars -- so the star quilt was begun. The fabric choices were made years ago, and Chris was a diligent student. She cut with the rotary cutter, put the blocks together with perfect points and matched the seams. She has one border left and then off to the longarm quilter it goes!
We were busy pressing and sewing! Her daughter was also along and I didn't have my camera out to catch her wonderful creations! She made a sleeve for her game system and a cute little mouse! Oh, and the best part was Chris made us a wonderful lunch to break up the day! We all managed to fit into the studio with a table or two moved. Chris kindly broke in the new Babylock and said she liked it better than the Symphony because it didn't have all the "bells and whistles"! I bought the BL9 to take to classes. Chris liked that it was what she was used to. Her daughter though took a lesson on the Symphony and liked all the buttons "that did everything!"
We even took a break to go and buy some contrasting fabric for the final border. Chris' little one has planned a throw for herself that we will be doing next weekend. Chris will work on incorporating her Mom's starter block on the back with the pieces her Mom cut. It will be the side that is closest to Chris' son and will have special meaning to the whole quilt. I'll ask Chris for a photo of the completed quilt to share! For now, both of them have homework to complete before our next get together! Maybe TWO quilter's have been born! Special thanks to Chris' mom who has been whispering in my ear! I heard you! Happy quilting everyone!

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