Sunday, March 1, 2015

Happy March! Spring Cleaning here we come!

It all starts with this! BIG scrap basket!

Dollar store here I come. The Command hooks -- then the labels from Ikea that have been sitting for years waiting for a purpose -- and my new pliers! Of course my label maker!

Attaching the labels first!

Tigger preparing to sort the scraps! He honestly didn't know where to begin!

"OK, so I helped a bit!

Voila! All done.

The top baskets can be reached with my stool when I need. I have a project for the scraps that go in order of of color. The bigger pieces I am going to press a10Cnd cut out for my charms and strips that I can then store in plastic bins.  It feels good to have them organized and a reminder that they will empty eventually! 

I am loving the scrappy quilts lately! I was surprised by how much I have accumulated over the last 2-3 years. Better to have them sorted than having to sort as I need them! 

Cost -- wire baskets at the dollar store $10.00 These are the medium size 12" high and about 10" across the top.
labels from Ikea - 1 package of 5 - $3 each
Command hooks - 1 package of 5 - $5

I nixed the plastic drawers on casters for scraps, as I am limited in floor space.
I already have two drawer units on wheels like this:
MICKE Drawer unit/drop file storage IKEA Drawer stops prevent the drawers from being pulled out too far.They both hold all my thread and machine feet. I found them of course at Ikea in their " As is" area. On both, the drawers were stuck closed and the service guys fixed them for me without cost! Both totaled $50.

The big basket of scraps was under my sewing desk, by my feet. It was a pain, but easy to toss the scraps into! Way too easy! I have tried to be a good quilter and cut those scraps and store them away in appropriate piles right away -- but it never happened! This is one more tick off my "TO DO" list!

Happy Quilting Everyone!

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