Saturday, March 21, 2015

National Quilting Day 2015

You may remember this quilt that I posted back in 2013. I entered it into Fon's and Porter's "My favorite Quilt" entry. I entered it and it was picked for today's quilt! Very exciting!

This is my entry. I am very humbled that they chose it for National Quilting Day. Just is a wonderful reminder of how quilting can heal, motivate, calm, and so many other things that non-quilters would not understand. It's more than a "hobby", it's a lifeline for many. It's a way to "create". Funny how some people don't understand why someone would cut up perfectly good fabric to put it all back together again! I am sure many of you have heard that one!

Happy National Quilting Day everyone! Here's my memory lane so far!

So much more to come -- as soon as I get to it! 

Happy National Quilting Day!



Anonymous said...

Nice post of quilts, Margo! I really love your quilt that they picked, too. I can see why they chose it!

Margo said...

Thanks! I really loved that one. Maybe one day I'll make another! I have way too many "I want to make" quilts on my list!