Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Special little quilt for a special little man!

Well the project that I have been secretly working on has arrived to it's final destination! I would say that by that cheeky little grin, this little man is happy with his new quilt!

You may remember a couple of years ago this quilt:


Well Little Ellis is now a BIG sister to Pierce! What a great pair these two are! She's helping him unpack his surprise! They grow so fast!

I couldn't leave Ellis out, so I sent along a book for her:
This is a great little book to send along for those older siblings. They also have a companion book to this one as well as another book for you quilter's out there wanting to get into quilting!

You can check out the website for The Quilt Makers Gift for more books that you can order! I just love these story books for kids and the quilting books are terrific! Good start for anyone interested in taking the quilting plunge!

I have a feeling these two will be playing together for a long time! That is until he starts getting into her stuff! Thanks to Mom and Dad of these two adorable little one's for forwarding photo's and letting me post them on my blog! They have been incredibly busy with renovating their new home that they just moved into! I so appreciate the photos! 

The best gift for a quilter is being able to see those quilts dragged around and used! Pre-hugged them for sure as they live far away from us! Now both of them have their quilts 
with much love from the Quilting Momma!


These are a couple of photo's of the quilt from the Calgary photo shoot! Check out the ice on Glenmore Reservoir! Spring is coming though! I can feel it! 
PS...the quilt was washed after the photo shoot and pre-hugged!

God Bless all and have a wonderful day/night Quilting!


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Anonymous said...

Fabulous photos! I love the look on his face in the first one. How sweet his sister is. Lucky you are in each other's lives.